Greece will impose a tax on short term rentals

Greece will impose a tax on short term rentals

The Greek Ministry of Finance together with the Ministry of tourism is drafting a bill, establishing a tax on the daily rental housing. Taxes will depend on the value of the property. It is expected that the tax will be levied in the transaction process in online or offline mode.

The persons who offer their apartments and houses for rent without a license will pay fines. According to the Ministry of tourism, due to the heyday of the short term rental market Greek Treasury annually loses €300 million.

National tourist organization of Greece (GNTO) has formulated the 6 requirements for obtaining a permit for this kind of business:

1. The owner of the apartment or house must be registered as a taxpayer in the relevant Department of the Ministry of Finance.

2. One taxpayer may offer for rent no more than 4 objects.

3. The minimum size of the leased space is 9 m2, it needs to be windows and battery.

4. The object must be fully furnished.

5. The availability of all documentation, including a construction permit.

6. The object can be rented only for 90 days a year.

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