Apartment in city Aschersleben
130.00 sq.m.

€ 14 000

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Offered a house with a garage and commercial space in Saxony-Anhalt,

Forced sale!

property Description:

the property is in the town of Mansfeld, Saxony-Anhalt, the area of the national nature Park of the Harz.

Pansfelde cozy and quiet town which is located in the Eastern part of the Harz nature Park, near the historic Falkenstein castle.

people come Here not only to improve your health and get rid of illnesses, but also to go Hiking in one of the most scenic routes in the country.

In the vicinity of the house there are public transport stops, branches of large German retail chains, banks and other necessary infrastructure for life.

the Facility is located on their own land with an area of about 740 m2, which is also on sale and is already included in the price.

    Residential house with an area of approx. 110 m2 is divided into:


    first floor


  • living room

  • the
  • bedroom

  • the
  • kitchen 

  • the
  • bathroom

  • the
  • toilet

  • the
  • pantry

  • the
  • storage room

  • the
  • commercial space

    second floor


  • living room

  • the
  • bedroom

  • the
  • corridor


Central heating. The Windows are plastic double-glazed Windows.

Flooring - laminate, linoleum, tile.

the Walls and floors in the bathroom tiled.

Available services of water, Sewerage, electricity, Internet and telephone.

the house has a spacious basement for storage.

Near the house there is enough space for Parking of the owner or tenants.

Home owns a private garage.

In the neighborhood there is ample space to relax, BBQ facilities, creation of individual landscape.

the New owner can dispose of property at its sole discretion - to live in it, manage it yourself, lease it or find a responsible Trustee.

On the basis of the average cost of renting in the area, with proper management and full lease, this property can fetch more than 7,000 euros of annual income.

renting a garage may additionally bring approx. 250 euros per year.

currently, the property is situated in the external competitive management and will be sold to a new investor directly by the Bank through the courts.

It's offered by the Bank on the residual value will be transferred to the new owner absolutely without any debts.

According to specialists of our company, during a court auction price may be further reduced by 10-15%, which further increases the investment attractiveness of the object.

Our company is ready to render all necessary services on negotiations with the court and with the seller-owner, competent legal registration and after sales management of the property.

including on registration of a possible residence permit.

the Distance from Bernburg: 50 km (approx. 20 min by car)

Distance to Magdeburg: 70 km (approx. 30 minutes by car)

Distance to it. airport Leipzig/Halle: 100 km (approx. 50 minutes by car)

location details:

Harz national Park was founded in 1990. The Park is located in the Northern part of Germany, at the intersection of three Federal States: lower Saxony (Niedersachsen), Saxony-Anhalt  (Sachsen-Anhalt) and Thuringia (Thüringen).

Boundaries of the national Park are of Altenau (Altenau) in the West, bad Harzburg (Bad Harzburg) and Ilsenburg (Ilsenburg) in the North, Drei-Annen-Hohne (Drei-Annen-Hohne) in the East and Herzberg (Herzberg) in the South.

feature of the Harz nature Park, is a predominantly mountainous landscape. Not by chance before the middle ages it was known as the Hardt, which means "mountain forest". The Park is part of the Harz mountains and the Brocken mountain (Brocken) – the  highest point in Northern Germany, with a height of 1142 meters. 300 days of the year in the top of the mountain hides a thick fog, which gives it a mysterious charm.

These places have long been surrounded by legends. Among them – numerous tales of witches gathering on the mountain. The dark glory of the Brocken mountain is rooted in the IX-X century, when in Europe  there was an Inquisition, and dissenters were often accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake. According to local legend, in the valley, on the mountain Brocken in the Walpurgis night (30 April to 1 may) gather on the Sabbath witches and evil spirits.

the story so captured the imagination of the modern Germans, that every year there is a folk-ethnic festival "Walpurgis night in the Harz mountains" — the Grand festivities that symbolize the Sabbath. Every year it attracts lovers of the middle ages, and mystics from all over Europe. They all become participants in the show. Guests of the festival dress up in costumes of witches, sorcerers, vampires. Plays appropriate music: "Rammstein" or Gothic melodies. Walpurgis night is the European equivalent of the American Halloween.

In the nearest towns and villages is also an atmosphere of witchcraft: houses, local taverns and restaurants are decorated with shapes of witches, vampires.  Attributes evil at every step. Crowns the feast, fire show, fireworks and fireworks, which all enjoy the exorcism until 30 April of the following year.

by the Way, not coincidentally, these, legendary,  mountain  became the scene of Goethe's Faust.  "the Terrain in the Harz mountains, in the vicinity of the villages of Schierke and Elend. Faust and Mephistopheles" – is the mise-EN-scene in one of the parts of this great literature.

Another attraction of the Park are the two stalactite caves – Baumannshöhle and Hermannshöhle, one of the oldest and most famous caves in Germany. Wearing protective helmets and picking up the lights, tourists along with a guide down into the old mine. You talk about the origin of the stalactites and the lives of the inhabitants of the cave. Sometimes local theatre plays performing in the cave. Its unique atmosphere and unusual lighting make performances unforgettable. The repertoire of "journey to the center of the Earth" (the novel by Jules Verne), tales of the brothers Grimm and others.

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