Townhouse in city Trier
426.00 sq.m.

€ 19 400

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Offers spacious country house with workshop,

Forced sale!

property Description:

the Property is located in the suburbs of Trier, near the border with Luxembourg, Rhineland-Palatinate.

the House is located on land plot approx. 270 m2, which is also on sale and is already included in the stated price.

In the vicinity there are public transport stops, school, kindergarten, several major German retail chains, branches banks, post office, pharmacy and other necessary infrastructure for life.

Massive country house (living area of 107 m2 approx.) is divided into:

First floor-

  • living room (approx. 12 m2)

  • the
  • master bedroom (approx 11 m2)

  • the
  • kitchen (approx. 12 m2)

  • the
  • bathroom (approx 11 m2)

  • the corridor (8 m2 approx.)

Second floor


  • children's room (about 14 m2)

  • the
  • second child (approx. 14 m2)

  • the
  • study (12 m2 approx.)

  • the
  • guest room (approx. 10 m2)

  • the corridor (3 m2 approx.)

Basement (OK. 100 m2).


  • 5 storage rooms

  • the
  • utility room

According to the seller in the house made overhaul, during which I installed Windows, updated flooring, carried out cosmetic repairs.

the Windows are plastic Windows with external plastic blinds.

Flooring - laminate and hardwood flooring.

part of the object of capital is the economic extension (approx. 60 m2), which was operated as workshop and storage space.

Have the opportunity to further expand the living space in the modernization of farm buildings to increase the total living area of the house.

outbuildings can be converted at the request of the new owner for any new initiatives, such as any livestock industry, garage for vintage cars, and even the artist's Studio or sculptor.

As an example of successful conversion of such premises to the workshop, we can mention the famous expressionist Pollock, who has developed a new "pouring" technique in his farm shed.

In the neighborhood there is ample space to relax, play with children, BBQ facilities and creating an individual landscape.

Available services of water, Sewerage, electricity, Internet and telephone.

Near the house there is enough space for Parking.

At the moment, due to the lack of adequate owner, the property is vacant, for renting all the premises of the building needs repair and bringing up to a condition suitable for use.

the Volume of repair depends on the requirements and creative ideas of the new owner and can be calculated with the help of specialists of our company in a short time.

We can also arrange repair works.

the New owner can dispose of property at its sole discretion - to live in it, manage the property, lease it or find a responsible Trustee.

On the basis of the average cost of renting in the area, with proper management, after repairs and  full lease, this property can bring about 17.000 Euro in annual revenue.

currently, the object is in the external competitive management and will be sold to a new investor directly by the Bank through the courts.

It's offered by the Bank on the residual value will be transferred to the new owner absolutely without any debts.

According to specialists of our company, during a court auction price may be further reduced by 10-15%, which further increases the investment attractiveness of the object.

Our company is ready to render all necessary services on negotiations with the court and with the seller-owner, competent legal registration and after sales management of the property.

including on registration of a possible residence permit.

the distance to the border with Luxembourg: 25 km (approx. 15 min by car)

Distance to Trier: 25 km (approx. 20 min by car)

the distance to the border with Belgium: 60 km (approx. 30 minutes by car)

location details:

Trier claims to be the most ancient city of Germany, of which in three languages and in large letters reported on his official website. it is believed that the city was founded in 16 BC by Emperor Augustus. "Augusta Treverorum", as it was then called, for a long time was the capital of the Western part of the Roman Empire. Of the glory and opulence of those years show extant monumental buildings - the main tourist attractions of Trier, under the protection of UNESCO.

In Trier, all roads lead to the gate Porta Nigra ("Black gate") - the most famous historical monument of the city. They were founded by the Romans in the second century of our era. As a building material used stone-Sandstone. But the dust and soot over time, painted it in black. "Turned black" and the name.

the Most famous native of the city is Karl Marx. He was born here on 5 may 1818 at 664 on the street Brudergasse, now Bruckenstrasse 10 (Brückenstrasse 10). Information about the precise address from biographers for a long time was not, but in 1904, in one of the old tirskih of Newspapers they found the announcement of the relocation of a family of Marks for a new apartment. The announcement is dated 1819. Based on it managed to recover and previous address.

representatives of the German Social democratic party (SPD), the oldest political party of Germany in 1928 to buy a house to open a Museum. In 1933, after coming to power of Hitler, the national socialists confiscated it and placed in the building of the newspaper printing press. Almost two years after the Second world war it re-opened the exhibition, and later the Museum became a structural unit of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, which is close to the SPD.

every year, the Museum is more than 30 thousand visitors. One - third of China. For Chinese tourists the house in which was the cradle of the future father of world communism, is one of the main points of the program of stay in Germany.

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Company Stimul Consulting

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