Townhouse in city Koblenz
250.00 sq.m.

€ 338 000

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Proposed unikalny modern mansion in the suburbs

Forced sale!

property Description:

the Property is situated in the Federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate, in the city of Salz, very favorably situated between the three cities-the cities of Frankfurt, Bonn and Cologne.

Often these small, quiet, well-kept town is a luxury, because people can afford your modern country house and a comfortable distance from the bustle of big cities, but being a half hour drive to big cities.

In the vicinity of the proposed house you can find a school, kindergarten, branches of several major German retail chains and other necessary for living and working infrastructure.

This property is situated in a quiet exclusive area land plot more than 700 m2 which is for sale and is already included in the stated price.

Modern and comfortable house (living area of 235 m2) divided into:

First floor:


  • bedroom

  • the
  • children's

  • the
  • second child

  • the
  • bathroom with toilet

  • the
  • entrance hall

Second floor


  • study

  • the
  • kitchen

  • the
  • utility room

  • the
  • relaxation room with Jacuzzi and sauna

  • the
  • terrace

  • the
  • toilet

  • the
  • corridor

  • the
  • boiler room

- top floor:


  • dressing room/utility room


Flooring - tiles, laminate flooring, natural granite.

the bathroom floors and walls tiled.

equipped with all necessary modern plumbing, built a large corner bath and separate shower cubicle. Over bath lighting, simulating with the integrated lights starry sky.

And also, the bathroom is fitted with electric ventilation, which includes a hood for fast and efficient reduction of humidity level in the room.

in addition to the Central heating the house is equipped with modern high-quality heating system, providing Underfloor heating in the premises.

in addition the house has a fireplace.

the Windows are modern wooden casement Windows.

the facade of the house is modern and insulated materials, which are excellent at keeping you warm is not allowed to create moisture.

the house wiring from the roof to the boiler room, which will allow the new owner in short solar panels are installed.

it is Worth noting that the previous owner very tenderly approached the question of economy and innovation.

the house has economical water supply system, which allows you to use rainwater in the bathroom and the toilet. For example, in a cistern, and even for washing clothes.

And, according to the seller the house was used modern electrical system, which allows to greatly strengthen the capabilities of telephone communication, satellite communication and networks-the Internet.

Built-in speaker system, which are installed in walls throughout the house -raises the sound level of the music and quality movies.

the courtyard -a unique and heavenly place to stay. In the yard there is a large pool, indoor terrace, well maintained and landscaped garden.

the Pool reaches a depth of 1.5 meters, and its length is about 8 meters. Terrace large tiles of natural stone.

the area is major garage (about 30 m2) for two cars  owner or tenants.

in addition to the plot is enough space for Parking, recreation and barbecue for gardening and creating an individual landscape.

part of the site near the garage are paved.

For the effective operation of the garage includes electric garage roll-up gate.

In the courtyard Playground where there is a wooden garden house, which is a dream of all children and, of course, slide.

According to the seller, at the moment the house is home to the owner is bankrupt.

His eviction after buying the new owner is a formal legal procedure, which experts of our company are ready to organize and conduct in the interests of the buyer.

On the basis of the average cost of renting in the area, with proper management and leasing of this property can bring about 29.000 Euro annual income.

the Object is currently in the external competitive management and will be sold directly by the Bank through court a new investor.

He is invited by the Bank for the residual value will be transferred to the new owner absolutely without any debts.

According to specialists of our company, during a court auction price can be further reduced by 10-15%, which further increases the investment attractiveness of the object.

Our company is ready to render all necessary services on negotiations with the court and with the seller-owner, competent legal registration and after sales management of the property.

including on registration of a possible residence permit.

Distance from Bonn: 120 km (approx. 1 hour by car)

Distance to Cologne: 125 km (approx. 1 hour by car)

the Distance to Frankfurt am main: 80 km (approx. 45 minutes by car)

location details:

Koblenz is a city in the West of the country, in the Federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate, at the confluence of two rivers – the Moselle and the Rhine. The city is surrounded by high green hills of the Eifel, hunsrück, Taunus and Westerwald. The surroundings of Koblenz is full of ancient castles and ruins of fortified structures.

From the Middle ages to the nineteenth century in Koblenz was the residence of powerful archbishops. This city is the birthplace of famous Austrian statesman of the XIX century the Prince von Metternich.

In Koblenz is quite large Old town with Gothic and Romanesque churches, built of local red Sandstone. Basilica of St. castor was built in the IX century. Here was signed the Treaty of Verdun that divided Charlemagne's Empire into three parts.

vintage square Florasmart is a few old buildings, which has placed its exposition Sredneuralsky Museum. Here you can see the extensive archaeological collection and the collection of medieval art of the Central Rhineland.

the house on the street Ambosessi was born the mother of Beethoven Maria Magdalena. Today this building is the world's largest private exhibition, dedicated to the great composer.

But the most popular tourist destination in Koblenz – German corner, the confluence of the Moselle and the Rhine. Here is a huge equestrian statue of Emperor Wilhelm I, designed by Bruno Schmitz and erected in 1897. Here you can find a pier for steamers, where you can swim from one river to another. And on the opposite from the merger of the Bank of the Rhine stands the mighty fortress of Ehrenbreitstein. Built in the early nineteenth century the Prussian authorities, she still remains one of the strongest fortresses of its time. The fortress is well preserved, it now serves as a Museum.

On Christmas day in Koblenz, as well as across Germany, arranged a Christmas Bazaar where, among other Christmas delicacies, they sell mulled wine from the local wine. It is very tasty and very diverse: 7-8 varieties in each mulled wine-tent. Here the Rhine and Moselle varieties, the wine is very thin, it is felt even at a "folk festival".

And in the summer from Koblenz are the famous night routes "Rhine in flames": the castles of the Rhine is very beautiful highlight on the rocks can enjoy a fireworks show on the ship with live music - a fantastic show happy tourists and guests of the city.

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