Short-term rental in Berlin is now outlawed

Short-term rental in Berlin is now outlawed

May 1, 2016 in Berlin came into force a prohibition to rent the housing for short-term without official permission of the municipality. Numerous services of cheap accommodation for visitors and tourists became outlawed.


The decision of the authorities was tried to be challenged in the court, but the court legitimized the prohibition. From now, violators will have to pay a fine of €100,000.

The city authorities have started to deal with this kind of business 2 years ago. Until now, about 20,000 apartments in Berlin were rented this way. It should be noted that theoretically, the ability to get permits still exist, however the city authorities have informed that they would deny 95% of cases.

The prohibition does not apply to those homeowners who live in their homes and offer for rent only the rest of the premises. In addition, residents of Berlin have a right to exchange apartments at any time — free of charge or for a fee.

In order to facilitate the search for violators of the new law, a special page on the Internet was created, where anyone can report about illegal business activities.

Thus, the municipal authorities of Berlin are trying to bring more real estate for long term rent, because of continuous population growth (at the expense of newcomers and migrants) there is a constantly shortage of housing in the city.

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