In Berlin you can pay the property tax in installments

In Berlin you can pay the property tax in installments

From July 2016, the payment of taxes in Berlin has become more simple and user-friendly. Now property tax can be paid in installments. The first part is payable until July 1, and the second until 1 January. The ability to pay tax in old-fashioned way – with one payment – will remain.

Paying taxes online is also simplified. Previously, it was necessary to keep before eyes the declaration and know the number of your account. Now it is enough to find in the list your surname and name. You can open the declaration from this list and check the details before payment.

It's like a system on which Amazon works, where you just verify the data and save the information in the payments.

There is also the possibility to pay with electronic check. A fixed fee for an electronic check is $0.95, while for payments with credit card has an interest of 2.95%.

A similar system is already used in 40 different cities of Connecticut. It is completely safe and will allow the taxpayers of Berlin to save time.

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