Berlin admits: No hope of selling Goebbels house
History weighs heavily on the real estate market. That's what happened to the love nest of Nazi Germany propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels.

Berlin is trying to sell a beautiful house on the lake to the north of the German capital during the last 15 years.

Spacious house with private cinema of propaganda minister is richly decorated with wood paneling and marble fixtures, but under the influence of time, moisture and cold, it is gradually destroying.

Currently, the house has no heating, plumbing, has damaged facades and roof - the reconstruction costs will be significant. Currently the building is used as a film stage - from last movies filmed here is "Alone in Berlin" with Emma Thompson.

This is not the only property that bears the legacy of Nazi Germany - for example, Hitler's house "Eagle's Nest" is now used as a restaurant, in many Nazi buildings are located German Ministry organizations. A building of the Tempelhof airport, a prime example of architectural megalomania of the Nazis, and the former headquarters of the Communist Party of East Germany's Stasi are used to host tens of thousands of refugees.

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