Restaurant / Cafe in city Bad Pyrmont
2167.00 sq.m.

€ 700 000

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Proposed castle hotel + apartment house in the resort of bad Pyrmont

Forced sale!

property Description:

the Proposed four-story hotel and apartment building in the Spa town of bad Pyrmont, in West Germany.

bad Pyrmont is a very special German resort. A history of widespread medical use of its healing springs, has more than 500 years. Among the 50 resorts in the land of lower Saxony, this mud-bath resort was named independent experts-physicians the best.

the Hotel is located within the Park adjacent to the castle on own the land area of 3 m2 005 , which is already included in its price.

Straight from the hotel Windows overlook the Park, the lake and of course the castle, which had a rest Peter the First himself.

within easy reach are branches of several major German retail chains, banks, restaurants, casinos, a zoo, a swimming pool, several tennis courts, stadium and other necessary for comfortable and leisure infrastructure.

three minute walk, is the largest pavilion of mineral waters - "Der Augenbrunnen".

people come Here to relax and restore your forces of German politicians and other famous personalities.

Given the fact that the competition of the hotel business in this region is small, the guarantee from the income of tourists is high.

This property is protected by state architectural monument, so there is a possibility to obtain grants and subsidies from the Fund for the restoration and maintenance of monuments, as well as tax benefits for the restoration or repair of the object from the state.

hotel Description:

In 1993, the facility was modernized and operated as a private sanatorium.

2014 has obtained permission to use the property as a hotel.

In 2014, the bathroom and toilets were installed marble tile and new modern plumbing.

in addition to this renovation, the premises pasted the new Wallpaper, installed carpet with fire protection, wiring, installed a new heating system.

In the process of modernization was repaired wooden window frames, and on the ground floor with new plastic ones.

the Flooring in the rooms - parquet, laminate, tile, and marble tile.

Total area approx. m2 1.950

  • basement - 631 m2 approx.

  • the
  • first floor - approx. 423 m2

  • the
  • second floor - 405 m2 approx.

  • the
  • third floor - 140 m2 approx.

  • the
  • fourth floor - 345 m2 approx.

Functional medical the part of the former sanatorium (baths, pools, etc.)  is approx 414 m2 of the total area.

Description of apartment houses:

site is detached two-storey house with a total area of approx 217 m2.

the House is situated on a plot of 330 m2, which is also included in the price of the object. 

    ground floor: room - 42.50 m2, room - 16.49 m2, dining room - 16.44 m2, room 11.60 m2, shower room - 4.35 m2, guest room - 8.76 m2, hall - 8.86 m2, toilet - 2.94 m2, kitchen - 9.66 m2

    second floor: living room - 18.72 m2, living room - 18.69 m2, bathroom with WC - 6.39 m2, shower with toilet - 5.82 m2, corridor - 8.96 m2, living room - 17.73 m2, living room - 16.61 m2, shower room with toilet and 4.02 m2 corridor - 5.30 m2

the house has a garage for a passenger car.

With proper self-management of hotel and restaurant and at least 40%-guest loading financial annual income can reach  660.000 Euro.

While the annual profit of the owner-Manager may be more than 200,000 euros.

Upon delivery of property in rent, the annual income from lease payments will be about 180,000 euros.

At the moment the hotel is leased to a management company.

the Object is currently in the external competitive management and will be sold directly by the Bank through court a new investor.

It's offered by the Bank on the residual value will be transferred to the new owner absolutely without any debts.

According to specialists of our company, during a court auction price may be further reduced by 10-15% which further increases the investment attractiveness of the object.

Our company is ready to render all necessary services on negotiations with the court and with the seller-owner, competent legal registration and after sales management of the property.

including on registration of a possible residence permit.

the Distance to Hannover: 70 km (30 min by car)

the Distance to Dortmund: 150 km (1 hour 20 minutes by car)

the Distance to Bremen: 170 km (1 hour 30 minutes by car)


Pyrmont (Pyrmont) was the capital of the homonymous County. The County was ruled by a Junior line of the counts of Schwalenberg (Schwalenberg) (1148-1494), after restraint which was inherited by the counts of Spiegelberg. In 1557, the County passed to the house, then in 1583, to the counts Gleichen. In 1625 the County passed into the possession of the counts of Waldeck. In January 1712 the possession of Waldeck-Pyrmont was built by Emperor Charles VI to the rank of hereditary Imperial Principality.

for a brief period from 1805 to 1812, Pyrmont was a separate Principality in the result section after the death of the previous Prince, but the two parts were United again in 1812. 30 Nov 1921 by local plebiscite Pyrmont was included in the province of Hanover.

the city Itself and conveniently located in his district, famous since Roman times for its therapeutic waters.

especially popular as a resort of European importance, a place of rest and treatment of the highest nobility he had acquired in the seventeenth century.

However, in the first half of the XVI century, it began to build a fortress — one of the most famous in Northern Germany at that time.

Since the mid 80-ies of the 20th century in the castle were huge restoration works and after their completion he became a major cultural centre of Lower Saxony. The center of the complex is the castle — the summer residence of Prince Anton Ulrich of Waldeck-Pyrmont.

In bad Pyrmont has about 20 mineral springs, this is the best resort in Lower Saxony.

Here in the past century there have been many famous guests: king of England George I, king of Prussia Frederick II, the Prussian Queen Louise, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, Benjamin Franklin.

In 1716, there were treated by Peter the First.
But the city attracts tourists not only for its sources.

In 2005, the Central Spa Park of bad Pyrmont was named the best Park in Germany.

the Park surrounds three sides of the water castle, built in 1710. It and stopped Peter in the castle hangs a portrait of him. Tours.
the Park has its own peculiarity - the palm garden. In winter, the trees hiding in the greenhouse.
In 2000, bad Pyrmont was the official partner of the world exhibition EXPO2000, held in Hanover. The city centre has changed significantly. Among the projects Small main alley - a continuation of the historic walking street of the city.

At the end of the alley is the tourist information office. Take a stroll along Central Avenue. Near the fountain you can find photos of this place 100 years ago. Walking, you will definitely be transported to the days.
Since the beginning of 1950-ies until his death in 1970 in bad Pyrmont with the family lived German and British physicist and mathematician, Nobel laureate, one of the founders of quantum mechanics Max born.

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