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Sale on the wine trail of Buchholzer

Urgent forced sale!

property Description:

In the sun-drenched wine region in the South of Germany, near the border with France and Switzerland for sale an attractive investment object, consisting of seven vineyards, the area under cultivation of maize and seed crops. 

Agricultural land with total area of more than 7.000 m2 is in Baden-württemberg a 30-minute drive from the border with France.

the Vineyards of different varieties and age.

the youngest vine is about 8 years old, and the oldest more than eighteen.

the plot is cultivated the main grape variety permitted for the production of champagne - Bourgogne "Pinot Noir".

According to experienced winemakers, the vineyard will bring a full harvest for at least another 30 years. 

with regard to the corn crops, according to German agriculturists, on this site it is possible to engage in the cultivation of this crop for another 18 years.

After this will require reclamation of the soil.

And as the site grow popular varieties of apples and pears.

Land is divided into:


    plot No. 1 (1.080 m2 approx.)

  • area 2 (880 m2 approx.)

  • plot No. 3  (approx. 500 m2)

    plot No. 4  (approx. 370 m2)

    plot No. 5  (630 m2 approx.)

    plot No. 6 (approx. 200 m2)

    plot No. 7  (approx. 370 m2)

    plot No. 8 ( 2.980 m2 approx.)

All the plots, if you want, you can buy separately each and the whole package.

the Price for the whole package.

From an economic point of view, the purchase of land is considered the most profitable investment, especially if this question concerns the German lands.

doing business the most reliable option for obtaining a residence permit in Germany.
now you can afford to become a real German farmer.

the Object is currently in the external competitive management and will be sold directly by the Bank through court a new investor.

He is invited by the Bank for the residual value will be transferred to the new owner absolutely without any debts.

According to specialists of our company during a court auction price may be further reduced by 10-15% which further increases the investment attractiveness of the object.

Our company is ready to render all necessary services on negotiations with the court and with the seller-owner, competent legal registration and after sales management of the property.

including on registration of a possible residence permit.

Distance between. Frankfurt airport: approx. 260 km (approx. 2 hours by car)

Distance between. Stuttgart airport: approx. 150 km (approx. 1,5 hours by car)

the distance to the border of France: approx. 40 km (approx. 30 minutes by car)


Waldkirch is a town in the German state of Baden-württemberg.

Waldkirch is subject to administrative district of Freiburg and is part of the district Emmendingen. 48,47 covers an area of km2.

Part of the city are also nearby settlements Buchholz, Kollnau, Suggental and Sasbach.
the City is located on the ELZ river, in the South-Western part of the black forest at the foot of mount Kandel (1241 m).

in addition, Waldkirch and is surrounded by high mountains Verhnelenskoe lowland.
In the suburb of Waldkirch — Bucholz — since 1877 producing wine, and in addition, developed vegetable and fruit growing.

In another part of the city — Suggental — in the middle ages silver was mined and abandoned mines in our days is one of the tourist facilities.
in addition, in Waldkirch developed tourism: the city is located on the so-called Road of Watchmaking — the black forest area, famous for numerous time workshops and stalls.
In Waldkirch in the black forest are zoo focused mainly on children, and the Museum Alittle, showing examples of local folk art, historical documents and examples Waldkirch barrel organs of the nineteenth century.
In the city are the ruins of the above-mentioned Castelborgo and Shwarzenberg — the main objects of Waldkirch tourism, as well as the Catholic Church of St. Margaret, rebuilt in the years 1732-1734, and the medieval silver mine in Suggental.
Every three years in Waldkirch festival is held barrel organs (Waldkircher Orgelfest).

just once in three years in July, held a Renaissance fair in the town centre.

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