Get your skates on: the real estate at ski resorts of Germany. Part 2

Get your skates on: the real estate at ski resorts of Germany. Part 2

The first part of the article, dedicated to real estate at ski resorts of Germany, was about our trip to the Alps, to resorts of Oberstdorf and Garmisch-Partenkirchen, as well as to Bavarian Forest mountains. In the second part we'll focus on other mountainous areas - Fichtel, Black Forest and Harz. May be they are not well known outside of Germany, but all meet the needs of demanding winter sports enthusiasts.

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Fichtel mountains of medium height stand in the north-east of Bavaria, between the towns of Hof and Weiden. The highest point of this ridge is Schneeberg (1051 m), on top of which the observation tower, a relic of the Cold War, can be seen with a naked eye. It is not surprising, because there was a border with Czechoslovakia 30 km to the east and with GDR 30 km to the north.

Fichtel can't boast with extreme tracks or holding world championships. But this place is the best for families and for those tourists who are just beginning to learn skiing or snowboarding. It is not boring there in the summer: among popular activities there are hiking, horseback riding and cycling in the hills, as well as swimming and surfing.

Arzberg town (pop. 5,3 thousand) is situated in the very centre of Fichtel, halfway between Hof and Weiden. Czech Karlovy Vary is within an hour's drive. Arzberg has a typical European old town with its narrow streets, as well as modern suburbs, and, of course, mountains. A short trail for beginners, equipped with one lift, is located at an altitude of 490-540 m. Unlike those of Karlovy Vary, prices in Arzberg are quite suitable. For example , two-storey house for renovation can be purchased for €20 thousand.

Different towns of Fichtel, situated within minutes' drive from the ski slopes, have a lot of attractive offers. Five-room apartment with roof terrace in Wunsiedel costs just €13 thousand, and a spacious three-story house in a nearby Marktredwitz costs €45 thousand. But if you like bigger cities, welcome to Hof (pop. 45 thousand), where you can buy a one- or even two-bedroom apartments for €15-20 thousand.

Black Forest

Let's move from Bavaria to the neighboring state of Baden-Württemberg, in south-west of Germany. Here, on the border with France and Switzerland, the Black Forest (German: Schwarzwald) is situated. Its southern part is reachable from airports of Zurich and Basel, northern one - from Stuttgart. Deciduous forest, where the heroes of Brothers Grimm and Wilhelm Hauff fairytales were looking for adventures, has got the glory of the mysterious and almost magical place, where villages with traditional architecture and centuries-old way of life are lost in mountains.

The highest point of the Black Forest is Feldberg (1493 m) at the foot of which lies the resort town of the same name. In the area with excellent infrastructure there are 16 tracks of 50 km length. Routes pass through the picturesque mountain villages and are ideal for family skiing. At the same time, several trails are only for extreme sports and professional world-class athletes. In general, Feldberg resorts are not inferior to alpine competitors.

There is a large number of villages in the Black Forest, and each of them is unique in its own way. For example, in Todtmoos there are trails for beginners, and in Baiersbronn there are tracks for sportsmen of intermediates and advanced levels. In Baiersbronn there is also a museum of Wilhelm Hauff fairytales. Do you remember his "Cold Heart"? A poor collier meets the Glass man and makes three wishes: to dance, to have more money in the pocket than the richest man in his town has, and to own a glass factory. "Little Longnose" by Wilhelm Hauff is even more famous story.

Average price of small apartments in the Black Forest small towns range from €20,000 to €35,000. Bigger apartment in Todtmoos with furniture and underground parking space goes for €38,000. And if you plan to spend more than €100,000 (or even much more than €100,000 ), you'll probably be interested in houses and apartments in the famous ski resort of Baden-Baden.


Finally, we go to the northernmost among the medium-high mountains of Germany. Harz is a small mountain range, 110 km long with a width of 30-40 km. It is surrounded by towns that provide excellent conditions for skiing. From the south-eastern Harz you can quickly get to Leipzig airport.

Harz is often called the gem hidden in the heart of Germany. Crossing the area by car or bike, you'll discover charming mountain villages. You'll enjoy views of the forested valleys, pristine mountain lakes, caves and waterfalls. These mountains are not as high as the Alps, but it has advantages: there are no queues to lifts. Harz is not only a skiing region, but also a wellness center, where you can drink mineral water, take a mud bath , get a professional massage and relax in the jacuzzi.

Real estate in the Harz is presented in different segments. If you're thinking about buying a cheap apartment in the ski resorts of Germany, facilities worth up to € 12 thousand can be found in Bad Lauterberg, Bad Sachse and St. Andreasberg. At the same time, there is a wide range of apartments priced from €15 to €30 thousand. And If you prefer to live in a house, pay attention to the health resort Wieda (pop. 1,4 thousand) on the south slope. There are tennis court, outdoor swimming pool, hiking and ski trails in the town. Fully renovated cottage of 70 sq.m is sold for €49,900, and a cozy wooden house of ​​90  sq.m costs € 69,900.

All German ski regions differ from each other. Luxury mansion in the German Alps or cosy apartment in Bavarian Forest or Fichtel? Or maybe a spacious apartment in Black Forest or Harz? When you buy property at any ski resort, you can expect for a great leisure at any time of the year!

Text: Alexander Fetyukov,