Rent price in Paris was limited

Aug. 18, 2016

Rent price in Paris was limited

From August 2016 in Paris entered into force a law limiting the size of the rents. Now the owners of apartments and houses in the French capital will have to take as a basis fixed by the official authorities "base" price.

Over the past 10 years rents in the city rose by an average of 42%. According to analysts, now the price of rental housing in Paris will be reduced on average by €50 - €240.

Paris was divided into 80 parts, for each of which was set the base price. The final price is determined by such factors as the age of buildings, presence of furniture, the number of rooms. For the selection of housing, everyone can find a map of these sectors – it is posted in the Internet.

The rental rate should not exceed this base price by more than 20%. It is necessary to consider not only when signing new lease agreements, but also when renewing existing ones.

The government has installed extreme lower bound of rent – it cannot fall below the baseline by more than 30%. The large balcony, the garden or the unique view from the window can be a reason to increase the base price by more than 20%.

Tenants have the right to appeal an unfair price for 3 years. Of course, the Paris rental market will need time to adjust to the new conditions. Experts hope that in the near future rents in Paris, at least, will stop growing.

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