Housing sellers in Finland are open to price offers

Housing sellers in Finland are open to price offers

With the reduction in the price of the famous Finnish cottages portal ee24.com decided to talk to Ensio Pulkkinenom, director of real estate agency In and Out Oy, who spoke about the Finnish radicals, the dynamics of prices, conditions of purchase and housing costs in Suomi beauty.

- Whether famous Finnish cottages are in high demand this season?

- Famous Finnish cottages are always in demand! This interest can probably be put in the first place among the other types of real estate. Russians are also interested in houses on the beach and in the city limits. Those who want to build on the project sites, choose the plot on the shore, or closer to the city center to have bicycle access to the sights and shopping.

- Does the Russians buy apartments in Finland or they demand only private homes away from the big cities?

- Apartments are also bought as a more unpretentious property, located close to the shops. The main thing is to pay the rent on time. The cottage oblige you to care for the state of the real estate, septic tank cleaning, grounds maintenance, restocking firewood, snow removal, etc. But, to be honest, many of our customers say that the change of activities is good for them.

- What are the most popular places in Finland for foreign investors? Who, in addition to Russian, ia still active in the real estate market?

- In the south-eastern Finland investors are interested in the border cities (Lappeenranta, Imatra) and municipalities in the distance (Puumala, Ruokolahti, Parikkala). There are buyers from Ukraine and France, but in the main, of course, from Russia.

- How do they treat foreigners in Finland? How strong are the positions of the radicals, which in recent years often are heard from the media?

- The radicals are everywhere and this is normal. People live everywhere, and they tend to have a different point of view. When we opened the company and talked on two, even three, if you take English, languages, it also was causing grievances of individuals. But violent radicalism did not meet with us.

- What regions are associated with your company?

- The south-eastern Finland, where are mass beautiful places. That only is the road of green gold - a route encircling the lake, which runs through Mäntyharju Ristiina, Puumala, Sulkava, Savonlinna and Punkaharju.

- Why should one buy here?

- We are surrounded by a lot of happy people who bought their cozy corner in Finland. The closeness to nature, even in the city center, safety, cleanliness encourages people to stay longer, come again and again and realize their dreams.

- What is the minimum amount of money is necessary to buy a decent house in Finland?

- From our proposals urban real estate homes cost from €75,000, but the ones that do not require repair costs start at €150,000. Prices for coastal real estate (houses without communications on the lake) usually start from €80,000. Cottages with communications - from €140,000. New coastal cottages - from €300,000. Price dispersion is great because there are many conditions that determine these prices.

- How do the prices change in 2013?

- Average prices on the secondary real estate in Finland are in a slight decrease from the beginning of 2013. Now is a good time to buy real estate, as sellers are open to price offers.

- Buying a home nowadays is inseparably linked to the mortgage. How difficult is it to get a loan to a foreigner Finnish bank?

- We are working with the bank Handelsbanken and offer customers a full range of banking services, including the opening of the account and a loan for the purchase of real estate.

You can get a loan up to 50% of the cost of purchased property. It is easy if you have the necessary documents. We provide such services only to customers who buy property through our company.

- Often, buying a property is associated with significant time-consuming. And how much time it takes to deal on sale of real estate in Finland?

- The transaction can be carried out immediately if all the necessary documents are collected and the issue of money transfer is approved. It usually takes a week or two, but it all depends on the efficiency of both parties.

- In addition to the cost of the actual object one have to pay an additional cost. How many you will have to spend when buying property in Finland?

- The buyer pays the tax on the transfer of ownership of 4% or 2% (for the purchase of apartments in the settlements). In addition, there may be bank charges for loan processing, for example. Wage of official attorney (about €112), which confirms the purchase and sale transaction, is usually divided into two sides.

- Many Russians are concerned about getting the Finnish residence permit. Is there a chance to register in Finland after the purchase of real estate?

- Getting the permit and buying property are not connected in any way.

- Very often, Russians are coming to their Finnish houses only from time to time, but do not live in them year-round. Hence the question: how much is the average cost of maintenance of the cottage, if you do not live there permanently, but only occasionally?

- Content property consists of property tax and utility bills. Property tax is an average of € 200-400 per year, calculated as a percentage of the cadastral value of the property. Homes can have electrical, oil, wood or pallets heating.

Power company in Finland can be selected, so electricity tariffs range (average €0,13 / kW / hr). Garbage removal and road maintenance fees are from €100 per year. Grounds maintenance is paid separately. Consumption of water - € 2,5-3 / cubic meter.

Since the main flow of money is spent on electricity, you must manage it wisely, for example, when leaving the house to reduce the temperature to 15 degrees. Thus, the house maintenance of 120 sq.m. costs €2000-4000 per year.

Text: Ivan Ulitin, ee24.com