UK: the worst cities for investment are named

April 11, 2016

UK: the worst cities for investment are named

Since 2000 the UK property market has experienced a rise, fall, and a new boom. On average, the price of square meters for the British in last 16 years has increased by 2.7 times (172%). But only if we are not talking about Bolton!

According to  the online real estate agency eMoov, this town in the county of Greater Manchester is the most unpromising place to invest. Bolton - the only city where housing costs today even cheaper than in 2000. 16 years ago, a typical house could be bought in Bolton for £ 77,202, but now similar objects are estimated at £ 70,621.

"It's like to buy a lottery ticket and be the only one who did not hit the jackpot," - the founder of eMoov Russell Quirke comments.


The top ten "outsiders" also includes Lester (prices rose by only 9%), Birmingham (northern part and Aston University District), Leeds, Knowsley, Liverpool, Stockton-on-Tees, Isle of Scilly. All these cities are lagging behind in terms of growth in the value of real estate on the national average.