Scotland's most expensive mansion is sold for the first time in 100 years

Scotland's most expensive mansion is sold for the first time in 100 years

Amazing Scottish manor Kinpurnie with a castle, six lakes and land for pheasant hunting is on sale for £29 million (€34 million ). Accommodation is for sale for the first time in a century, according to the portal with reference to The Telegraph.

An estate in Angus (East of Scotland), that extends to 2160 hectares, from the beginning of the twentieth century was a home for a rich Cayzers dynasty. There is a forest, a wide variety of houses and six lakes, unfortunately, without monsters. In the estate until his death lived Sir James Cayzer, great-grandson of Sir Charles William Cayzer, who went to sea as a teenager and later became the founder of the shipping company, that made his family extremly wealthy. Sir Charles was so rich that he was able to provide each of his six sons with his own estate.

on the photo: Kinpurnie Castle, which was built in the early 1900s

The estate consists of two main sites: Kinpurnie Castle, built in 1907 and Thriepley House - a mansion with a beautiful garden, made in Italian and Moorish styles. Both buildings have a view of  bucolic rural landscapes with lakes and hills. However, the house is considered to be a more attractive target.

Despite being a multimillionaire with famous friends, among whom was Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, Sir James lived a surprisingly simple life in Kinpurnie not only without numerous servants, but also eschewing the hunt - a favorite cottage entertainment of English elite.

on the photo: A boathouse at one of the property's six lakes

Those who want to feel like the Monarch of the Glen, can try to track a deer or shoot a pheasant.

Nigel Cayzer, a nephew of Sir James , said the decision to put Kinpurnie on the market was not an easy one. However, the family hopes that the new owner of the estate will have lots of joyful moments there.

Such a vast estate, of course, will require a lot of money for the maintenance. However, the land can bring good money from renting it out. And a building can be turned into a cozy inn. Well, if you're a good shot, you can make money by selling hunted pheasants.

on the main photo: Thriepley House, one of two main properties on the Kinpurnie estate 

Photo: Savills, CKD Galbraith