The new base of Scotland Yard

The new base of Scotland Yard

The famous Scotland Yard moved from its headquarters in Westminster in less expensive building on the Victoria Embankment in central London, reports

Craig McKay, Deputy Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, said that Scotland Yard building costs €13 million a year and now it needs repair in the amount of €60 million. Therefore, in the framework of reducing the expenses of the agency by €600 million by 2015 the old building will be sold, and the agency will move. The cost of the building is estimated at approximately €177.5 million.

The architect for the new headquarters building of the Metropolitan Police was chosen in the competition. As a result, Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, known for his work on Google office in London,  won the prize.

It is reported that the new Scotland Yard building will keep the organization's calling card - the famous rotating sign "Scotland Yard."

The very first building of Scotland Yard was on the Victoria Embankment. It is now known by the name of Norman Shaw Building. Scotland Yard worked there from 1891 to 1967. When the police staff became more than the building could fit in, Scotland Yard moved to a house at 10 Broadway, where it remained until the present day.

Photo: RBC