Big Ben can stop and even fall

Nov. 30, 2015

Big Ben can stop and even fall

According to the report of British  Finance Committee the restoration of the famous Big Ben clock can cost £ 29.2 mln., and the amount could rise to £ 40 million.

Sad but true - Big Ben became old and dilapidated. If not to start the restoration, the UK's most famous clock may stop at any moment.

Repairs may take up to 4 months, and it will be the longest stop of Big Ben in its entire 156-year history - the last time the clock stopped in 1976 to 26 days of repair.

Metal erosion, cracks in the lid, and other structural defects - as a consequence, the clock mechanism is under constant threat not only to stop, but falling. And symbolism-fans Britons believe that in case of failure damage to the reputation of the British Parliament will be  disproportionately higher than repair costs.

Taxpayers have not yet overcome the prospects for paying £ 7 billion to restore the crumbling Palace of Westminster, and now - another £ 40 million for Big Ben.

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