Average house in the UK go up in value by €33 per day

It's time to strike the balance of 2013: since January, average house price in the UK has increased by 4.4%, or by £10,329 (€12,253), according to ee24.com citing propertywire.com.

Throughout England semi-detached houses became more expensive by 6.42 %, or by €15,486. In London, the housing price increased by 10%, or by €55,040, reaching €605,538 for average house. Houses in Scotland became more expensive by 6.85%, reaching a price of €203,670.

Housing became more expensive in 10 out of 11 regions of Great Britan (Greater London, Southeast, Southwest, Northwest, Northeast, East, West Midlands, East Midlands, Wales and Scotland). Only in the region of Yorkshire and Humber housing prices slightly decreased (by 0.37%, to €176,169). 

As for cities, the biggest increase of the average house price (more than by 6.5%) is observed in Newcastle, London, Barnsley, Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen and York. In the city of Leicester, on the contrary, prices fell by 1.92 %. In addition, housing has become more affordable in Nottingham, Swansea and several other cities.