Bayside in RA's Matarma

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About the project

The project is one of the largest tourist resorts that El Attal Holding has established in Ras Sedr, Red Sea Governorate, with a huge investment volume of 1.5 billion EGP, and the company has made sure that the resort is a closed city achieves self-sufficiency for its residents through the availability of comprehensive services. Here are all the details of the project.
The Resort location:
Bayside Ras Sedr project is located in the best places in Red Sea Governorate, where Ras Sedr is located, which is one of the most upscale areas in Sinai that attracts investment due to the clear blue water and soft white sand.
The resort is close to some tunnels such as Suez Canal Tunnel and National Road Network that the government has implemented in recent years.
The resort is about 90 square kilometers from Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel and only 30 square kilometers from Ras Sidr city in the Red Sea.
Project space:
The owner company allocated a large space of 7 acres to build the entire project in The Red Sea.
The company cooperated with Engineer Yasser El-Beltagy to make the architectural design of the project, and cooperated also with Engineer Hany Saad, the owner of Hany Saad innovations, to implement the interior designs for all units until the project comes out at the high level that suits the tastes of high-class customers.

Property details

CCTV, Reception
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South Sinai

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