Northern European countries named the best for doing business

Northern European countries named the best for doing business

The World Bank published Top of countries ranked on their ease of starting and running own business. In Europe, the most appropriate regulatory environment for business is in the Nordic countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, the Great Britain, Finland and Norway, reports the Russia is on the 62nd place, behind Belarus (57), but ahead of Ukraine (96).

Economists from The World Bank Group analyzed the various factors such as the timing of the firm foundation, getting credits and other permits, taxes, the level of investor’s protection and so on. Doing Business rating is based on the data of June 2014.

It turned out that the quickest commercial property registration is in Norway, Portugal and Sweden; getting electricity – in Germany, and getting a large credit, with fullest documents package to be provided by borrower – in the UK. As about international trade, most favorable European countries in this sense are Estonia and Denmark (minimum export period), France and Ireland (minimum of documents).

The ease of doing business country ranking:

1. Singapore
2. New Zealand
3. Hong Kong
4. Denmark
5. South Korea
6. Norway
7. USA
8. United Kingdom
9. Finland
10. Australia
11. Sweden
12. Iceland
13. Ireland
14. Germany
15. Georgia
16. Canada
17. Estonia
18. Malaysia
19. Taiwan
20. Switzerland

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