In Denmark, Villa Asserbo  was built without nails and concrete

In Denmark, Villa Asserbo was built without nails and concrete

It's the ultimate flatpack to challenge even the keenest DIY enthusiast - a kit of wooden pieces that can be clicked together without nails or concrete to create an entire two-bedroom house.

And if you ever felt like just packing up and moving away, so you can deal with this home. Architects created this flat-pack 115 sq.m. “property” that can be simply slotted together.

London-based architecture specialist of well known company “Facit Homes” partnered up with a pair of Danish architects to make the impressive villa - which took just six weeks to build.

The parts were produced in a rapid-prototyping machine, Fast Code Design website reported.

The Villa Asserbo was built using huge blocks of Nordic plywood blocks that had been specifically cut to fit together - similar to a 3D puzzle.

It is named after the small Danish town 50 kilometers outside of Copenhagen, where the house now stands.

The revolutionary 'snap together' technique aims to wipe out environmentally unfriendly practises that are energy extensive and use valuable resources.

Frederik Agdrup who designed the house with his colleague Nicholas Bjornda told Fast Code Design that each lightweight piece needed only two men to carry it and they did not need to use cranes, which made the process far more friendly to the environment.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of having a 'flat pack house' is that it can be taken apart, recycled the plot return to its initial state, as it does not have concrete foundations but sits on wooden stands.