News digest of real estate portal (September 1-15, 2013)

News digest of real estate portal (September 1-15, 2013)

The famous film director Nikita Mikhalkov got even closer to his friend, the Serbian film director Emir Kusturica. Residents of Serbian community in Kosovo presented Nikita Mikhalkov with 6 hectares of land in the hope that the Russian creator will build there an ethno village. Critics are sniggering about bondsmen attached to the given land. How Emir Kusturica is involved, read in the fresh material on

While Mikhalkov has no idea what to do with the gift, the Emir of Qatar has already figured out how to arrange his island. One of the richest and most powerful monarchs of the world decided to turn the island in the Ionian Sea into an art center. Visit the the website to find out details of his plot and the planned budget for its implementation.

Another monarch, though an ex one, decided to return home after a long exile. A friend of Prince Charles Constantine II, who is known as the "King of Greece in exile", is selling his estate in England, and intends to return home forever. Portal tells the story of the tragic fate of one monarch and his English mansion.

Especially for the start of school year portal made a review of housing that can be purchased near the top European universities. The most popular, the most prestigious, exclusive and comfortable houses and apartments, ready to shelter international students who are eager for knowledge: in the material on the site

In Serbia, there are no prestigious universities, but there are many infrastructure projects. Read the material about one of them, the so-called "Serbian Manhattan", on Not only the Chinese are capable of fast turning a depressed, hostile territory into a modern residential area.

The French also do not mind modern projects: reports about large-scale construction in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. And six skyscrapers are planned to build in the business district of Lyon in the next six years. France is struggling to finally overcome the economic crisis and large-scale construction is one of the most effective ways to solve this problem.

However, even in those regions where there are no large constructions, things are going well on the whole. So, a lovely town of Annecy, located on the shore of a lake at the foot of the French Alps, is rapidly gaining popularity among investors from Russia and the Middle East. Read the fresh material on how the local real estate market has managed to maintain its position during the years of the crisis.

Nevertheless, experts have different views on real estate market in France. There are different suggestions: from reserved-positive to sharply-negative ones. Read on website what worries the analysts.

Latvia and Riga, the capital of the country, have been steadily gaining popularity in the recent years among Russian investors. presented a detailed report on the market of properties in Riga. This report will help the buyer to feel the difference in price and quality of properties in different districts of the city.

In the latest survey of, read about the most popular places to invest in real estate in Hungary, and also about on the state of the market and its prospects.

Among the review articles of you can see a detailed report on the real estate market in Estonia. The focus is on the differences between the regions of the country. The eastern part of Estonia, the most popular among Russian investors has been thoroughly analyzed.

The sharp recovery in prices after the recession in the property market in the UK has allocated areas of the country with the best growth prospects. In the latest survey of a list of the best destinations for investment in the British real estate.

Despite the talk that the recession in Europe has been overcome, the real estate markets of elite housing continue to decrease in some countries. Visit the website to read why owners of luxury villas in Italy are worried.
European markets are recovering slowly. Read on which countries have the most significant positive changes, and where prices have fallen.

Continuing the previous topic of review of all of the European markets: a clear image of the price dynamics for the year for the second quarter of 2013.

Having studied the prices, they can be correlated with the rating of best cities of the world, published on the website

In hard times, phobias and other psychiatric disorders often intesify. So, the mayor of one of the Italian towns decided to draw attention to his lands, in a rather unconventional way. What is it? Read on

But London urgently needs the help of firefighters. Skyscraper in the British capital mercilessly roasts cars. How it could be possible, read on

The world record has been set in Germany. A group of French artists portrayed the world's largest mural on the apartment building in Berlin. You can admire the record painting on gives the prize for the most rational approach to the planning and development of infrastructure to the Danes. Only strict Scandinavians could come up with such an unusual and effective location for a ski resort - right on to the roof of for a waste processing plant.