Real estate around the world for 2 days at the International Property Show Exhibition 2012

Real estate around the world for 2 days at the International Property Show Exhibition 2012

EE24 took a part in the most important project of real estate players - International Property Show. The exhibition was held on 26 and 27 October 2012 in St. Petersburg, and gathered a lot of participants from all over the world - Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, USA and etc. The main goal of the event was achieved - international experts of foreign real estate meet with potential buyers and investors of such a large city like St. Petersburg.

«Such exhibitions as International Property Show carry a lot of potential. Event guests can see the foreign property market from the inside, in two steps to overcome the distance from Spain, to, for example, Montenegro. Exhibitors are among "friends", and get all necessary to establish new partnerships and make fast sales»,- Anastasia Grishina, project manager

Exhibition of International Property Show attracted over 80 participants, and 1500 guests. According to this we can say, that no crisis, no other circumstances do not affect on the desire of potential buyers to purchase property in another country.

During the exhibition, representatives of foreign real estate tell a few word about market trends in Europe:

«The property market in Spain for a long time stand still - the matter is the crisis. In the country has not built new houses - the last few years were selling properties built before the crisis. Due to the fact that the property market will not develop, it is most profitable to buy property in Spain today - prices continue to fall. Also we strongly recommend to buy property from developers - such a transaction does not involve the commission», - Ricard Guinart, Spanish real estate market expert.

«While most of Europe counties are suffering from the crisis, Italy is more stable. Of course, the crisis has affected both our country, however, against the background of all the regions Tuscany stands out. Here the crisis was almost unnoticeable. When you invest in real estate, first of all you must be sure that the property market will not collapse in six months or a few years. Italy and Tuscany in particular, meets these requirements. Moreover, the average price of real estate here is 1000-1500 euro per sq.m.», - Erik Karselius, expert real estate market in Italy.

«France has a stable real estate market. It hasn’t the strong growth, but no recession. Purchase of real estate in France – it is fundamental investment that over the years become bigger. Against the background of all regions stands Lake Geneva, where the real estate market is growing. Because of the high cost of real estate in Switzerland, which borders with this region of France, many people prefer to invest in the last country. Undoubtedly, there are depressed regions of France - close to the Atlantic Ocean. But the whole country is stable and highly profitable for buying real estate», - Andrey Demchenko, expert real estate market in France.

«Bulgaria is a country that is close to Russian citizens in every sense of the word – from the geographical location to spirit. But what make us really closer – it is the property prices in Bulgaria - from 300 euro per sq.m. Bulgarian market, despite everything, is actively developing. Russian investors are help us in it. The impact of the crisis, which was felt in 2009, now disappeared. The most popular is the southern Bulgarian coast, which meets the standards of quality-price», - Desislava Todorova, expert real estate market in Bulgaria.

«Hungary has been, is and will be an attractive country for investment. Full security with law on the one hand and the high quality of Hungarian buildings on the other. Also a strong argument is loyalty legislation to a foreign buyer, it is enough to have a passport to buy a home», - Andrew Erdosh, expert real estate market in Hungary.