Less and less Russians want to leave the country

16.5% of Russians are willing to move to another country, and among young people this figure reaches 22%, according to ee24.com citing Levada Center.

Year ago 22% of Russians wanted to leave, and this allows to Alexey Grazhdankin, deputy director of Levada Center,  conclude that "the mood of protest have come to naught." Now "only" 16.5% of people are dreaming to move, while 76% of Russians "have never thought of emigration". Specialists relate the improvement with the events in Crimea and in Eastern Ukraine: Russians can compare the devastation in the neighboring country with the stability in their own country.

Rich people (31%), Muscovites (27%), young people (22%), educated people (22%), residents of large cities (21%) generally want to leave. Older people (85%), less educated people (82%) and women (78%) generally want to stay.

Among the reasons that motivate the Russians to emigrate there are poor living conditions, the desire to secure the future of children, problems in the economy, the arbitrariness of the authorities and the poor conditions for doing business.