England, France, the Baltics... Russian officials reported on their property

May 21, 2014

England, France, the Baltics... Russian officials reported on their property

Some committees of the government of St. Petersburg, as well as several districts administrations have published data on property and incomes of officials. Many senior employees of Smolny own real estate in Europe, which includes houses, apartments, plots of land and even garages, reports ee24.com citing kommersant.ru.

Head of the state organization Directorate of Transport Construction Victor Sulima has more assets in Europe than others. In Montenegro he owns three plots with a total area of ​​8 acres, house of 64 sq.m, apartments of 52 sq.m and a small garage. In Latvia Mr Sulima owns spacious apartment with area of 140 sq.m.

Inna Astrelina, specialist of Committee on urban beautification, owns an apartment in Spain with area of 68 sq.m. Yana Grozovskaya, chief specialist of legal provision of the Investment Committee, owns half an apartment of 44 sq.m in neighboring France.

Ekaterina Krupnikova-Balashova and Nadezhda Danilova from the Committee for State Control, Use and Protection of Monuments of History and Culture (KGIOP), apparently prefer to vacation closer to Russian borders: they have cottages in ​​Estonia on plots of respectively 600 and 1103 sq.m. Southern directions are also popular: Andrey Sokolov, deputy chairman of the Committee for Information and Communications, together with his wife owns an apartment of 37 sq.m in Bulgaria.

By the way, for wives and husbands of officials is also not prohibited to own property abroad. So, husband of Svetlana Levina, specialist of the Committee on the state order, earning an average of €320 per month, owns a plot of land and a 100-meter house in the UK.