Tourists have spent 2.6 billion nights in Europe

Tourists have spent 2.6 billion nights in Europe

In 2013, tourists have spent 2.62 bn nights in hotels, motels and hostels of the EU, which is by 1.6% more than a year earlier. Domestic tourism has decreased by 0.8 %, while non-residents of EU countries have spent there by 4.8% more nights than in 2012, according to citing Eurostat.

The most popular countries were France (405 million nights, +1.1%) and Spain (387 million nights, +1%). In addition, Italy, Germany and the UK are also among leaders. 70% of nights tourists have spent in these five countries, and only 30% of nights - in the remaining 23 states.

But small countries in Europe are gaining weight and are beginning to attract more and more tourists. If the buying of hotel in France has traditionally been and remains a good investment , now is also possible to pay attention to commercial properties in Greece, Malta and Latvia. These countries have become leaders in growth, and hotels were occupied by 11.7%, 7.8% and 7.3 % more than in 2012.

Tourism statistics in Europe
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