Top 10 expensive tourist destinations in Europe

Dec. 12, 2014

Top 10 expensive tourist destinations in Europe

The GoEuro company published the 2014 index of tourist destinations, analyzed more than 60,000 residential units in 150 countries. The portal allocated first ten expensive tourist destinations in Europe from the survey.

The most expensive place is a ski resort of St. Moritz in Switzerland (New York is only above in the world ranking) with the most expensive five-star hotels in Europe. In addition, such tourist destinations are Venice, which is a bit more expensive than Dubai and San Francisco, and Monte Carlo. Someone can generate income from rental property in such European cities as Bruges, Zürich, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Liverpool and Geneva.

The cheapest tourists destinations in Europe are Albania (overnight in Tirana is available for $32), Bulgaria (Sofia for $35) and Turkey (Antalya for $39 on average, or $70 in a five star hotel – it's the lowest price in the world in this category).

The average cost of accomodation in the ranking was calculated on the prices in hostels and hotels (1-5 stars; information through search queries) and the prices of renting private housing (according to the portal Airbnb). As the researchers note, in the last 10 years, tourists have become increasingly asking dormitories instead of separate rooms in hotels, and cheap small size properties and hostels have become very popular.


10 most expensive tourist destinations in Europe, the average cost of accomodation for tourists per day, $:

1. St. Moritz, Switzerland – 183

2. Venice, Italy – 146

3. Monte Carlo, Monaco – 134

4. Bruges, Belgium – 131

5. Zürich, Switzerland – 130

6. London, United Kingdom – 130

7. Amsterdam, Netherlands – 120

8. Paris, France – 117

9. Liverpool, United Kingdom – 117

10. Geneva, Switzerland – 115


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