The most prosperous European countries

The most prosperous European countries

British scientists from the Institute of Legatum released the annual report Legatum Prosperity Index 2013. Norway, Sweden and Switzerland took the leading positions in the ranking of European countries for economic development and living standards, according to citing

Norway takes first place in the ranking of the affluent countries for the fifth consecutive year. This country is considered the best place for immigrants, has a strong economy and is famous for reliable protection of property rights.

The top five European countries also includes Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

In the ranking of economic development Norway is followed by Sweden, Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The  Level highest level of education is in Finland, Norway, Spain, Slovenia and Ireland.

In the overall ranking Germany took 14th place, UK - 16th, France - 20th, Spain - 23rd place, Italy - 32nd and Russia - 61st.

In compiling the Index prosperity 79 indicators are evaluated, which are combined into eight groups. It's the economy, entrepreneurship, governance, education, health, safety, personal freedom and social capital. To compile the index 1,500 residents of 142 countries included in the rating  were interviewed.