Man-made constructions occupy 5% of the EU territory

Man-made constructions occupy 5% of the EU territory

According to recently released data of last year's large-scale study, artificial structures occupy 5% of the European Union, according to citing Eurostat.

40% of the EU territory is occupied by forests. The greenest countries are Sweden (76%), Finland (72%) and Estonia (61%). But there are almost no forests in Malta (5%), Ireland and the Netherlands (both 13%).

25% of the EU land occupied by cropland. A surprising amount of cultivated land is in Denmark (49%), as well as in Hungary (47%) and Romania (36%). In Ireland, Finland and Sweden agricultural lands occupy about 5% of the territory.

Another 20% of the EU land is grassland, 5% are ponds and waterways.

Finally, 5% are objects that are created by humans: buildings, roads, bridges, and so on. The most "spoiled" (or maybe vice versa, cultivated ) EU countries are Malta (33%), Belgium (13%), Luxembourg and the Netherlands (both 12%), Italy and Germany (8%). The most "virgin" are Finland, Sweden, Romania, Latvia, Estonia and Bulgaria (all 2%).

Another 4% of the EU land is occupied by shrubs, and 2% are territories without a predominance of any vegetations.