The "Bubbles" of real estate market are detected

The "Bubbles" of real estate market are detected

UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index is the research of the international financial group UBS to estimate the urban housing market in global cities around the world.

Over the past seven years, property prices in the majority of European and world capitals doubled. UBS specialists analyzed the 15 largest cities in the world and made a scale of overvaluation of residential real estate in those cities.

London is a leader. Together with Hong Kong they are most at risk to become a "bubble" of the global real estate market.

The next European capital - Amsterdam – is on sixth place, behind Sydney, Vancouver and San Francisco. Followed by other "Europeans" - Geneva, Zurich, Paris and Frankfurt. Tokyo, and Singapore finish the «overevaluated» list. New York and Boston are characterized as fair valued markets, and the only undervalued market is Chicago.

Based on materials of UBS News