The Russians are looking for new investment opportunities in Europe

The Russians are looking for new investment opportunities in Europe

XIII International Property Show took place in St. Petersurg. This year it was hosted by the "Sibur Arena" on Krestovsky Island. On November 1-2, 2014, there came 77 participants, mainly agencies and developers, selling property in Europe. Many noted that housing market in Europe is changing and demand focus of the Russians moves from one type of real estate to others.


Most of all at the exhibition were representatives of agencies and developers from countries such as Spain, Bulgaria and Turkey. These are probably the most popular countries among the Russians. The second widely represented cluster was formed by Montenegro, Germany, Finland and Cyprus. Also one could find Latvia, Estonia (realtors from Tallinn and Narva), North Cyprus (infrequent participant on St. Petersburg exhibitions), UAE, Hungary (Budapest), Italy (developer from Calabria), Greece (Thessaloniki, etc.). We’d like especially mention two agencies offering real estate in Crimea.

European real estate site also took an active part in the exhibition as an information partner and expert. In particular, our managing partner Konstantin Grape made two speeches at the conference. On November 1, he presented a report on "10 most popular European countries among the Russians, according to the New Europe vs Old Europe." A day later, Konstantin Grape told about European residence permits, considering the countries where the Russians could move in easily. This theme turned to be popular with the public. People asked about leaving the country and investing in overseas property, the customers made different requests – from cheap to expensive offers. In addition to the, there were representatives of real estate agencies from Finland and Latvia (Property Selection), Cyprus (Leptos Estates) and Spain (Grupo Mahersol).

The Russians are looking for new investment opportunities in Europe | Photo 1 | ee24
St. Petersburg International Property Show was held on November 1-2, 2014 in "Sibur Arena"

Market analysts note that the Russian demand for the European real estate is changing. For example, the number of Russians is decreasing in the border area of Finland, as they are trying not to spend a lot on "foreign cottages" and other products, but in turn their interest shifts towards liquid apartments in major cities such as Helsinki.

The market is changing rapidly and will not remain the same, as it used to be 2-3 years ago. Realtors from Estonia, Latvia, Spain and Finland say that the Russians start counting rubles due to the difference in exchange rates, becoming a major problem for them in an era of instability. Russians slightly reduce costs for regular property types and search for objects in market segments which earlier haven’t been so popular.

The Russians are looking for new investment opportunities in Europe | Photo 2 | ee24
Well-organized international real estate exhibition was held at the new "Sibur Arena" in St. Petersburg for the first time

In Tallinn big investors from Russia invest in the construction of large commercial and residential complexes, such as so-called Tallinn City, through investment funds. Published investment amounts differ from €400,000 up to €1 million. Strong demand is observed in the liquid commercial properties in Germany (especially in a stable and economically strong Bavaria region) and Austria, where investor’s safety and confidentiality are at the forefront.

The demand for luxury real estate worth more than €250,000-300,000 is slightly decreasing in Spain; while price for affordable and available property reaches its bottom – it’s time to buy on the Mediterranean Sea, say realtors. Similar situation is in Bulgaria and Montenegro – the Russians beloved countries. Turkey which economic power is rising and which was not touched by the EU and the West sanctions, actively offers for the Russians ever warm sea, the residence permit as a gift and housing on hot resorts of Antalya, Alanya, Mahmutlar and others.


Photos are taken from the official website of the exhibition


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