The most expensive Alpine resorts

The most expensive Alpine resorts

With winter approaching and the ski season buyers and market experts traditionally take a greater interest in ski resorts. The skiing is one of the favorite pastimes of the wealthy people. So with a budget of €1 million in the prestigious Alpine areas it is possible to buy a home of very modest size. But despite the high cost, the Alps remain the most popular ski destination.

The ranking of Knight Frank

Not long ago, the international consulting company Knight Frank has published Sky Property Report 2016. According to forecasts, by 2020, the ski resorts will attract not less than 420 million visits per year. However, market growth is expected not in Western Europe or North America, but in some parts of Asia and Eastern Europe. Experts also compared the cost per square meter in the top 11 Alpine resorts.

On line 11 is the Saint-Gervais in France. For €1 million you can buy here the object of area 143 sqm, which corresponds to the size of the average living room. 10 – Chamonix, France. The resort is located near the border with Switzerland and Italy. With €1 million in the pocket in Chamonix you can buy only 95 sqm of living space. In Villars on €1 million it is possible to buy 84 sqm of residential property. In the French city of Megève, this amount will help to buy the average room for staff (74 sq m). In Crans-Montana (Switzerland) €1 million will be enough for the guest room (73 sq m). In Meribel you can expect to buy a bedroom (65 sq m).

Val d'Isere (France) is also one of the most popular places for skiing, €1 million is here enough to but 56 sqm (the size of a hallway). In Verbier (southwest Switzerland) often spend their free time members of the Royal families of Europe. For €1 million you can buy here only 49 sqm (bathroom).

Three leaders closes St. Moritz in Switzerland. If you want something more than a storage room for skis and equipment (44 sq m), you will have to spend more than €1 million. On the second place is Courchevel, which is famous for the competitions in ski jumping. €1 million will give you the opportunity to get a great bathroom for the staff (40 sq m). The most expensive resort, according to the Knight Frank is Gstaad in Switzerland. With a budget of €1 million you can count only on object the size of a laundry room (32 sq m). In addition, Gstaad has demonstrated the highest price growth (+13%).

Thus, the "Alpine" rating Knight Frank as follows:


1. Gstaad (Switzerland)

2. Courchevel (France)

3. St. Moritz (Switzerland)

4. Verbier (Switzerland)

5. Val d'Isere (France)

6. Meribel (France)

7. Crans-Montana (Switzerland)

8. Megeve (France)

9. Villars (Switzerland)

10. Chamonix (France)

11. Saint-Gervais (France)

The Rating Savills "Alpine Property Market"

International real estate agency Savills has also published an overview of the Alpine real estate market. In accordance with the Alpine Property Market, the most expensive city is St. Moritz. A full list of the most expensive resorts in the Alps as follows:


1. St. Moritz (Switzerland)

2. Val d'Isere (France)

3. Verbier (Switzerland)

4. Gstaad (Switzerland)

5. Zermatt (Switzerland)

6. Crans-Montana (Switzerland)

7. Meribel (France)

8. Grindelwald (Switzerland)

9. Megeve (France)

10. Andermatt (Switzerland)


In addition, Savills experts say that now the people born after the Second World War, reached an age at which skiing becomes difficult. Therefore, to attract more young customers ("generation Y", born in the 80s and 90s) ski resorts need to adjust the list of services. Investors are advised to focus its attention primarily on those resorts where there are other opportunities for leisure, not associated with skiing.

Text – Alena Eliseeva, ee24