Kiev told about the potential of Ukrainian customers in Europe

Kiev told about the potential of Ukrainian customers in Europe

Kiev hosts the 20th in a row international forum exhibition "Real Estate — 2013", one part of which is devoted to European housing markets. Number of countries imposing is great, but the total number of pavilions, of course, is not comparable to similar events in St. Petersburg and Moscow, as the overseas property market in Ukraine, according to local realtors, is several times smaller than the Russian one. Reports correspondent from the fields.

In the Ukrainian capital gathered the developers from Turkey, realtors from Spain, Germany and France, consultants from the UK, the agencies of the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Montenegro, Italy, Cyprus, Switzerland. Particularly active are the Turks, where real estate prices in the last year or two have grown strongly. The demand for Turkish housing from the Ukrainians began to increase from mid-2012, said loacal realtors. The situation is affected by the banking crisis in Cyprus, where both Russian and Ukrainian citizens invested heavily. Turkish builders caught the conjuncture and now tout their large objects on the Mediterranean coast.

Visitors who came to the stand of in Kiev, asked about the rules of taking money out of the country (Ukraine has rather strict requirements of the National Bank on the subject), for obtaining a residence permit in Europe, the rental of real estate. Ukrainian citizens are interested in such countries as Spain, Portugal (there is a large Ukrainian community), Latvia (the "cheap" residence permit in Europe), Montenegro, Albania (individual requests), Bulgaria, Poland (question of permanent residence), Greece (in study purpose). Many visitors told that the middle class in Ukraine is absolutely absent, here is the bundle between the poor and the rich, only the last of which may afford a house abroad.

The exhibition "Real Estate - 2013" in Kiev lasts from 24 to 26 October 2013. On Friday, October 25, it hosts seminars and presentations on real estate markets in Turkey, Latvia, Ukraine, and the possibility of introducing the law on brokers and real estate tax in Ukraine

Text: Paul Kuznetsov, Kiev,