How to lease an apartment to students? Recommendations for owners of European real estate

Aug. 31, 2016

How to lease an apartment to students? Recommendations for owners of European real estate

Some apartment owners basically do not want to deal with tenants-students. Apparently, they already had an unpleasant experience. However, in Europe the practice of working with tenants-students is very common, and there are a few reasons. In the general stream of potential tenants, the students are quite a big group. So real estate in major cities is not idle, largely due to the students. Renting the apartment in the beginning of the year, they are unlikely to move until the summer.

For students August and beginning of September is the most active time of finding housing. Follow the rules below and you will be able to safely lease your property to students.

1. Carefully choose tenants.

You should interact with all the students who will reside in the apartment.

In Spain, for example, homeowners often pre-contact the parents of future tenants. Because of this, young people feel more responsibility.

2. Lease your apartment as a whole, and not each room separately.

This strategy will facilitate your efforts to management – tenants will look for new neighbors, if someone will decide to move out suddenly.

3. The apartment should have all the necessary furniture and appliances.

A good external impression allows you to quickly find the appropriate tenants, which in the future will not bring any problems. If any furniture lacks, buy used one – these costs will be repaid with interest.

4. Before settling and drafting of the contract start own inventory.

According to statistics, the most common cause of disputes between tenants and owners – appliances breakage. This is followed by carpets and decorations damage, as well as cigarette burns. So in your best interest to document the condition of the furniture, appliances, dishes, walls, decorative elements. Take a few photos. Sinks, bathrooms, baseboards, doors, floor and wall coverings – nothing should be ignored. Exactly the same should be done at the end of the school year. You have to make sure that all property remained in the same condition as before the arrival of tenants (subject to normal wear and tear).

5. Approximately every three months it is advisable to pay a visit to monitor the condition of the apartment.

At the same time, try to choose to visit a convenient time. Tenants should be notifies at least 24 hours in advance.

6. Take the deposit for the safety of property.

Due to this amount of you'll be able to compensate for possible losses caused by the tenants.

7. Pay great attention to the preparation of the lease agreement.

Every European country has its own rules. In Spain it is common practice that the parents of the tenants also sign a contract and thus provide guarantees on the regularity of the rent and the safety of the property. It is quite logical - the students themselves usually do not have a stable income. Also in the lease agreement must be clearly spelled out your right to periodically "inspect" the overall condition of the apartment.

8. Look for tenants who will behave like good hosts

This implies that the residents themselves have to deal with minor repairs around the house, replace appliances, mattresses, or other accessories – in account of lease payments.

Text – Alena Eliseeva, ee24