Residential skyscrapers will be built in Prague by 2018

Residential skyscrapers will be built in Prague by 2018

Skyscrapers with apartments and offices may appear close to the underground station Chodov, in the district Prague-11, according to citing

The height of one of Prague Eye Towers will be 139 meters (33 floors), of another - 128 meters (30 floors). It's planned that towers will become the highest buildings in the Czech Republic. Currently, in Prague the record belongs to 109-meter City Tower, and in the whole country - to 111-meter AZ Tower in the city of Brno.

Authorities of Prague-11 will give a building permit under two conditions. The developer will have to finance the construction of the second exit from the underground station, as well as to expand the nearby park. In the case of fast reaching an agreement between the authorities and business, it will be possible to start the construction of skyscrapers in 2015 and to finish it in 2018.

Prague-11 is located in the south of the city, 6 km from the historic center. Demand for apartments in Prague last year increased by 5%, and the average cost per square meter increased by 2% up to €2,133.

Photo:, archives of PPF