Five countries, where you can get residence permit buying a house

Five countries, where you can get residence permit buying a house


Residence permit in Turkey may be obtained on the basis of the main contract of purchase. But it’s necessary to note that it’s not allowed free movement in Europe with Turkish residence permit as it is not a part of the Schengen agreement.


According to Blackwood, buying a flat for 70 000 euros, one can get a 5-year residence permit automatically: the person is able to move freely in 25 countries of the Schengen area. After five years, if the property is still owned, residence permit can be renewed.


The most convenient destination for retirees. One can even just rent property. On the basis of a contract of ownership or lease contract one can apply for a residence permit.


The choice is not cheap, but in this country is relatively easy to get a more valuable document - the passport.

However, a British residence permit does not entitle you to move around Europe without a visa: free entry is available only in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. But British citizenship guarantees visa-free entry to many countries around the world.


In fact, not the easiest option to get a residence permit in the EU. But buying property, valued at 300 000 euro, it is easier to obtain a residence permit.