Land in city Varazdin
4600.00 sq.m.

€ 253 000
Building land in Varaždinske Toplice: 3100 m2 (1500 m2) in an attractive location!
It is intended for the construction of a facility with medical institutions (dental medicine, cosmetic surgery ...), apartments, outpatient clinics, nursing homes, etc.
According to the general urban plan, that is, for this construction site, there are permits for construction of objects of this categorization.

Documentation for the construction in a very short time, since the location permit for the conceptual design with all approvals is already expired, but you can create a new one.

Varaždin Spa - Aquae Iasae were already known in the Roman Empire for their springs of thermal water and have grown into an important health, ritual, cultural and economic center, making them world-famous today.
Near highway, airport.
At the entrance to Varaždinske Toplice with a wonderful view of the valley of spas. Possibility of increasing the area by about 1,500 square meters
Cost $ 55 per square foot.

Location of the property on the map

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