Real estate in Croatian Istria: how much you have to pay for happy longevity

March 13, 2014

Real estate in Croatian Istria: how much you have to pay for happy longevity

Do you want to acquire real estate in Croatia, country that is no. 28 in EU? You are thinking about Split or Dubrovnik? That is expensive and uncomfortable. And what if you go to the north of the Istrian peninsula and settle 120 km away from the Italian Venice? The portal presents an outlook for real estate prices in Istria, the largest peninsula in the Adriatic.

For those who aspire to fight against the notorious "metropolis syndrome" and who wish to experience the calm and tranquility atmosphere, great spaces of županija of Istria (name of regions in Croatia) open their eco - friendly embrace during all the year. Here in Istria, the largest and most western region of Croatia, people are really aware of what it means to breathe deeply, that is why they live happily until dog’s age.

Over the last decade, Croatia has become one of the most attractive places of the Adriatic, not only by the number of tourist visits, but also in terms of significant investments. Acquisition of real estate in Istria is considered by experts as a chance to improve your health and to earn or acquire a guarantee for comfortable old age. While exploring the colorful and cheerful corners of Istria it is difficult to identify the most attractive element: here are picturesque landscapes, large pebble beaches, cheap facilities for tennis practice or attractive real estate deals.

Great history – beautiful life

History of Istria is marked with brightest periods, each of which has enriched the area with places of interest: truffle plantations in Motovun, Venetian fortresses and medieval basilica in Porec, Pula Roman Amphitheatre – which is a feather in Croatian hat and the reason why people from all parts of the globe are coming and even moving here.

"Venice", "Austrian", "Yugoslav" all are chapters in the Istrian biography - it's a long and thorny path towards the independence, good economic level of the territorial unit, as well as the construction of the state border between Slovenia and Croatia. However historical and economic aspects of Istria rarely restrain people from buying real estate on the coast of Croatia. Obviously fresh mountain air and the proximity of the cleanest seas are more weighty arguments in favor of life in western Croatia.

The main resorts are Istrian towns Umag, Novigrad, Porec, Vrsar, Rovinj, Pula, Medulin, Rabac, Opatija and Lovro. These truly blissful places offer many interesting options for organizing the visit to Istria once or forever. Croatia is a special country for Russians. Russians attention to this little corner of paradise is not very strong, according to the last population census (2011), Russian were one of twenty-two national minorities in Croatia: about 1,300 of residents identified themselves as Russian nationality. Ukrainians form a bit more numerous group – approx. 1,900 people.

Croatian real estate agencies still hesitate to identify Russians as main buyers of real estate on the Adriatic coast. For the Russians Croatian property is not among the most popular purchase items, possibly due to the fact that foreigners are allowed to acquire a home here only as a legal entity. However most real estate professionals forecast that the Russian interest in rental lease or property purchase in Istria will increase over the years, as in the summer of 2013 the country became a member of the European Union.

Paradise prices

It is Pula, the largest city in Istria, where the demand for the purchase of apartments and houses is the highest. Appearance of the capital city and a variety of beaches are the main advantages of this place. New studio apartment in Pula, only 300-400 meters away from the sea, will cost approximately €120,000 and the average space of such housing is 100 - 110 sq.m. Real estate agencies offer here a wide selection of apartments with "undoubted commercial potential" - from €105,000 up to €180,000 and with the space - from 55 up to 83 sq.m.

Territory of such residential houses is equipped with swimming pools and parking, gardens and children's playground. This option is most suitable for those who are interested in apartments for rent for the season or on a permanent basis. In Pula small space secondary housing may be bought for €60,000.

Similar apartment prices are in Medulin, Istria's southernmost city located 11 km from Pula that famous for a large range of golf courses and tennis courts, and the tenderest weather in Croatia. Picturesque views down the sea and 59 sq.m property may be purchased here for €135,000.

Umag city known as the "restaurant area” of Istria is also rich in real estate proposals for purchase and lease: small apartment (48 sq.m) in the new building, 200 meters away from the sea, may be purchased for less than €105,000.

Bargain purchase of own home in Istria requires from €210,000 up to €550,000, depending on several basic factors: space, distance from the sea, communal facilities, garden, swimming pool and other luxuries. For example, 160 sq.m townhouse located close to the sea may be purchased for €350,000 and a house of modest size - 95 sq.m costs €190,000.

Whatever the long-term was your visit to Istria, you couldn’t escape positive emotions from buying real estate on the peninsula and life here lasts for long years.

Text: Ekaterina Chemakina, for