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The ex-military plant in Bulgaria for Sale or looking for Investor or for Sale in actione AUCTION.TAMPERS.SU

The company is based in Central Bulgaria, previously produced and eksportirovana worldwide: aviation, antitank missiles and artillery ammunition:

- Factory and team one Joint stock Company for the manufacture and supply of special purpose products;

- Its capital is 73 million euros;

- Assessment of the market value of the plant: more than 300-400 million euros;

- The company has a full license for the production and trade of arms;

- It employs more than 1700 people;

- Before it list the manufacture of products, includes the production and trade of artillery ammunition. In addition, previously supplied missile launch system ordnance, man-portable anti-aircraft rocket launchers, unguided air missiles, antitank missiles, fuses, igniters, etc .;

The plant previously produced 100 to 152 mm artillery ammunition, 57 to 80 of the missiles for jets but a wide range of RPG-7V (PG-7, PG-7M, PG-7N, and PG-7L, PG-LT) and SPG-9 rounds for grenade launcher;

- The company has patents and licenses covering a wide range of Weapons, ammunition and rockets used by countries – members of NATO and other countries.

Factory area: more than 1 square kilometer

Production area: office buildings, workshops, polygons, warehouses: 600 units


Annual turnover:
- 2010: 41 million €;
- 2011: 36 million Euro;
- 2012: 30 million €;
- 2013 year: 40 million Euro.

The selling price of the plant:
Last year the company was in dire financial and economic state, with significant amounts of current and accrued liabilities and debt:
- Commitment to 31.12.2013 - From 75 million euros;
- Liabilities 31.12.2014 - From 65 million obligations (-10 million euros, decreased compared to 2013) to euros are short-term, must be repaid within 12 months;
- Coefficient of total liquidity (current assets current liabilities) is 0.61;
Party has the right to acquire the information Memorandum to make the inspections in the company and make a proposal to conclude a deal to buy the plant and/or make a Joint venture / Joint-Venture/ pogashenie with the condition of short-term debt - 31.12.2014 - From 65 million obligations.


The buyer requirement:
- The main requirement to candidates, they should be strategic investors, whose main activity is connected and/or defense industry;
- Potential participants must have at least $ 60 million euros in sales for the last 3 financial years. They must not have any liabilities or debts.
- Requirements for the companies concerned that they will be strategic investors or consortia working in the field of defense;


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