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Ex-military helicopter-repair plant in Europe for Sale or Looking for investors {ROI = more 20%} or for Sale in the Auction: AUCTION.TAMPERS.EU


The company is based in Central Europe with main activities on major overhaul and modernization of civil and military helicopters type Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-24, etc., MIG fighter planes (MIG), SU(SU) family, etc.:
A - plant is one structure in the form of a private equity firm;
- Its capital is 29 million euros;
- The company has a full license for major repair and modernization of helicopters and fighter jets;
In the factory there are more than 295 people;
- Introduced system of quality ISO 9001:2000 .

The size of the plant: the Plant is located on the area of 330000 square meters of Production buildings have a total built-up area of about 50000 square meters

History, specialization, production and repair facilities: the Factory has more than 70-year history of repair and maintenance of various military and civilian aircraft, the implementation of medium and major repairs, upgrading air weapons European Military Air Forces and the production of spare parts for them. After 1965 the plant specializes in the repair of aircraft, aircraft engines and their components, belonging to different countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Currently the plant specializes in capital repairs of large quantities of aircraft, helicopters, engines, airframes, avionics and production of spare parts for repair. The plant is divided into three separate areas, which are separate proceedings:

- Isolated Repair Of Aircraft;

- Isolated Repair Of Engines;

- Test station for engine testing facility provides comprehensive testing of aircraft engines and gearboxes after the repair;

- Separate the Production of civilian products is the basic unit of plant and specializes on repair of aviation equipment.;

- Tool and machine shop;

- The electroplating workshop.

The plant has modern technological equipment, machines and tools for repair of all products of aviation systems. The plant has developed its own test facilities. The plant has the necessary documentation and supply ing power to repair aircraft.

The staff is skilled and dedicated with extensive professional experience. Most employees are engineers, graduates of the various institutions and specialty repair of aviation equipment.


Annual turnover / Net income (NI):

- 2012: € 10.9 million / € 0,702 €;

- 2013: € 21.7 million Euro to 6.8 million €;

- 2014: € on request

The selling price of the plant:

In 2012-2013, the company was in dire financial and economic situation, with significant amounts of debt. By the time they are only 5,6 million Euro loan to the Bank:

- Liabilities 31.12.2012 – In Total: 22.8 million euros (Short-term: 16.1 million / Term: 6.7 million euros);

- Liabilities 31.12.2013 - In Total: 10.4 million euros (Short-term: € 3.8 million / Term: 6.6 million euros);

- Liabilities 31.12.2014 - no;

- Commitment to 31.12.2015 - only 5.6 million Euro loan to the Bank;

The buyer has the right to acquire information Memorandum, carry out inspections and to submit ofertei proposal for procurement of packages of shares {1} or {2}:

{1} the Announced sale price is 100% of the shares: 36 million Euro;

{2} the Announced sale price for 51% controlling shares: 51% for 18 million euros.

/ Of these, 5.6 million used for repayment of all Bank loans and suppliers obligations, repayment of loans 100% need to:

- Implementation of the investment program on development of the plant within 5 / five / years;

- Change management of sales and advertising;

- Execution of agreed contracts Contract No. 01 / Profit: 20 million € / and approval Contract No. 02 / Profit: more than 9 million €/;

- Direct provision of low-interest rates for investment credit of 3% on the amount up to 20 million euros;

- Realization of advertising VIP aircraft - an innovative product for VIP-passengers and participate in aviamilano/ aviso in Europe, the USA and abroad.


Requirement for buyers:

- The main requirement for applicants that they must be strategic investors, whose main activity is connected with the defense industry and/or with the activities of the plant;

The requirement for a strategic investor:

- The requirement for the companies concerned that they should be strategic investors or consortia working in the field of defence and/or in the activities of the plant;


The proposed Buyer and/or a Strategic investor:
- Purchase of a controlling stake in the company:

1) Option {1}= 51%, and/or

2) Variant {2}= phased from 51% to 100%, and/or;

3) Option {3}= in lump sum to 100%

- Investment project and business plan development of the plant in the next 5 / five / years;

- Replacement of inefficient cash management team for sales and advertising, with a new team of professionals:

- with proven experience in sales, marketing and implementation of new inductive target products in the field of repair and modernization of helicopters and airplanes; cash contacts and offices in 10 / ten / countries targeted potential clients;

- prepared investment project and business plan for the development of a particular plant within 5 /five/ years;

- established contacts with licensed brokers and licensed buyers more than 2000 / verified buyers with existing licences for trade in dual-use goods and potential buyers of civilian goods and services in the field of repair of planes and helicopters /.

- Direct provision of low-interest loan and/or refinancing to 3% of an Investment Fund a loan of up to 20 million euros for a period of up to 10 years, according to cash: - business plan,- prepared reports on cash flow / income and expense/ investment and project about the development of the plant within 5 /five/ years;

- Active marketing within 2 / two / years target market clients abroad, in Europe, Russia and Ukraine on the modernization of helicopters MIL: search rates and potential for implementation;

On the basis of marketing activities formed four task product No. 01-04 of the plant, without competition on the market in terms of price modernization of helicopters MIL, with a potential market in the implementation of units of helicopters - up to 20 units per year or over 100 million euros income during the first year:



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