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About the project

"PUSHKIN RESIDENCE" is the new investment and construction project of the company "ALPHA BUILD". Located at the foot of Vitosha Mountain, the residential building combines modern architectural line, functionality and clean design with the comfort of living, the comfort of the environment and the fresh air of the mountain.
The location of the building provides a unique standard of city life for the capital.
Located in one of the most prestigious districts of Sofia - Boyana, near the government residence Boyana and facing Pushkin Blvd. - the building has all the necessary direct transport links with the administrative and commercial center of Sofia.
In the immediate vicinity are schools, kindergartens and shops.
On the other hand - the comfort of the proximity of the mountain, the peace and quiet of the neighborhood combined with the variety of green areas and places for sports and recreation during the weekend provide a quality of life typical of the resort areas.
The building is a five-storey residential building, organized with a main entrance from Al. Pushkin.
There is a spacious entrance hall with a waiting area. The security of the occupants is solved through access control and video surveillance. All service areas are designed in luxury and natural finishes.
The parking lot is located in the basement of the building, provides the required number of parking spaces for cars, bicycle parking spaces and the corresponding storage areas for each living area.
On the attic floors of the building are developed so-called. "Penthouse" apartments, on two levels, with a unique panorama, spacious and multifunctional terraces, and interior layouts with possibilities for variations of spaces and freedom in choosing interior design and solutions.

Property details

Parking, Kids playground, Near school, Near kindergarten, Near supermarket
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m. Gardova glava

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