"Happiness - it's when opportunities coincide with a desire" - Vladimir and Olga from Moscow about the purchase of ostrich farm in Bulgaria

            One day we with my wife decided that we are tired of the endless cold Moscow winter, the crazy bustle of the metropolis, and that we want to move to permanent residence to the place where is warmer and closer to the sea.

I am a military retiree, my wife is a veterinarian. We looked for various options: the southern regions of Russia, and coastal European countries. Of course, the main point was to have a good home with the ground, and at an affordable price. Our budget was limited, no more than two million rubles, which that time was about thirty thousand euros. Of course, for that sum we did not find house with land near the sea coast in Russia, although carefully looked over the entire Russian coast of Black Sea.

We were really desperate, when suddenly saw the advertisement of one Bulgarian company Glavno.bg, about the sale of the house with a plot in Bulgaria, in a small village, 30 km from the sea and the town of Bourgas, on the shore of a beautiful lake. And Sredets district center was very close, just a few kilometers. When we saw the price, we will not believe their eyes. This nice house with a large plot costed only 15 thousand euro! We wrote a letter to this company, and they immediately answered - "Come, it is better to see once than hear a hundred times."

We asked to send us more photos of the house and the area. What was our surprise when, along with fruit trees on the site were a lot of small buildings, like pens for small animals. We asked the Bulgarian company what does that mean. And they explained to us that there has been an ostrich farm for many years. The owner had a profitable business. And when he with his special overseas ostriches was invited to Spain, he quickly sold his house with land in Bulgaria and together with ostriches moved to permanent residence in Spain.

Also the company-seller suggested that we could reopen this profitable business. Fortunately everything was ready for this, but first we must buy a few ostriches, and Glavno.bg has promised to help us. We were stunned by this information. My wife and I, without thinking twice, flew to Burgas airport. It takes 2 hours to fly from Moscow to Burgas. We were met by an employee of the company and went immediately to see this amazing house. The road took no more than 40 minutes. We drove through a beautiful paved road, and around flickered very familiar inscription, because the Bulgarian alphabet is almost identical to Russian. When we saw the place, we understood that dreamed exactly about it. Just a few minutes we had enough to understand that we are ready to buy this heavenly place. The representative of the company showed us the lake and forest, very close to the farm.

Later our Bulgarian friends helped us to quickly arrange the deal, and begin our ostrich business. In two years, we are so carried away with this interesting work that began to supply to the stores of Burgas region the best, most tasty and healthy ostrich meat. Happiness - is when opportunities coincide with desire!