€ 29 900 000

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Distance to the resort:

25 km

Type of resorts:

Golf resort

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Golf resort

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Living space:



920000 m²


Property VIP -6 Star black sea Resort *Stone Beach* for Sale or looking for investors

General idea:

VIP -6 Star black sea Resort *Beach Stone* will the new international resort with hotels 5 star and 6 stars, without counterpart in Europe.

• This is an opportunity for investment in very large plot approximately 920 000 m2
• the land not belongs to the state (owned by a private owner)
• have a visa and permission for construction
• The resort is located 120 metres from the Black sea. The immediate vicinity is comprised primarily of such land plots for development and construction of real estate activities. The subject property is bordered by a similar property. The complex is located 700 m to the West of the village of Kamen Bryag, in the most beautiful pristine landscape 70 km North from Varna, the property allows panoramic views of the sea. Natural Park reserve Yalata is nearby.
• availability of the business plan and investment project for the construction of VIP -6 star Stone Beach Resort
Strong country:
• Great location - 120 m from the shore of the Black sea, in favour of the resort
• Nature is preserved in wilderness areas
• Good access by car and public transport (approximately 2.0 km from darling first class)
• Good transport links with other parts of the Bulgarian region, good location with Romania on road transport
• Swift realization of investment intention - efficient and quick administrative procedures, permissions, and obtaining the influence of ecological environment, full support by local staff of the municipality of Kavarna
• Cost effective labour force - Construction of residential buildings in Bulgaria is still the cheapest among EU countries
• Normal flat terrain, without offset. The height of the shore in 8-10 m, panoramic sea view
• No major international competitors
• Potential for region's development as a promising resort
• The presence of three major Golf courses in the area, directly near
• The availability of electricity in the property;

• In the initial phase of the construction of a regional comprehensive road infrastructure
• Improving economic indicators of Dobrich and development of the region of Kavarna municipality
• The lack of such large-scale construction projects in the region
• Advantage in the perfect development of the concept of the resort on the basis of marketing
• The possibility of co-financing by European (EU) funds

For the construction of the resort offers to do joint stock company or to apply the business concept of mixed form of property - hotels, houses, apartments and flats for sale or rent.
In these calculations, I got out of the rental provided from a private company to potential tenants and determination of potential income.
Calculation of income based on resort information, hotel groups, who worked in Bulgaria for many years, the IBEROSTAR group.
I made profit on a 50% discount in the first year of operation. Profits in the last two years I have listed extrapolated similar to previous years.
This amount does not include possible increase in the number of visitors and rising prices.
Golf hotel revealed surpluses in an additional charge of 30%, which is probably too low. This corresponds to the rental value of approximately € 40.00 per night in a 50 square meter rooms in a 5 star hotel. Here, the excess will probably be at least twice as high.
The same applies to the construction of other villas and apartments on Golf real estate. This significant increase in profit in the rental sector that can be expected here in connection with increasing the duration of the season and the location of the planned equestrian center in the vicinity.
Planned residual area of about 330 000 m2. In This area it is possible to meet or build other objects for sale.

Potential residential development at the resort is about 660000 square meters. Where the income from approximately 500 to 600 euros per sq. m. is still significant profit potential.
To increase demand at this location, we have provided the construction of several sports facilities in the area tennis, water sports (water slides, diving etc.), football, horse riding.

The overall project extends for 12 years, but may be shortened or lengthened if necessary.
The big advantage for the implementation of the object is that it will have a single dominant position for the region in the implementation of a resort of such level that enables a significant impact on appearance and image.



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