The best cities in the world to live

The best cities in the world to live

Melbourne for the third time in a row was named the best city to live. It is reported by portal, citing a study conducted by a research group of Economist magazine (EIU).

List of top cities has not changed much since last year: the Australian and New Zealand cities occupy five of the top 10 lines, and three lines occupy Canadian cities. 28 towns have received lower ratings this year because of Arab Spring riots, European austerity and Chinese discontent.

Vienna is in second place, and the Canadian city of Vancouver and Toronto took third and fourth place, Calgary shared the fourth and fifth lines with Adelaide.

Best cities are usually medium sized, located in rich countries with low population density. At the end of the list was Damascus that had fallen on 10 lines because of the war in Syria.

140 cities were evaluated in five categories: stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure. The estimates in each category and subcategory are exhibited on a scale of 1 to 100. The report highlighted the key changes of the year. Madrid dropped to 5 lines on the 44th because of the riots and protests, and Bratislava rose to 63th place going into the group of the best cities (first 80 positions).

Tehran, Douala (Cameroon ), Tripoli, Karachi, Algeria, Harare, Lagos, Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea), Dhaka (Bangladesh ) and Damascus occupy the bottom lines of the rating.

Top 10 best cities :

1. Melbourne, Australia, 97.5
2. Vienna, Austria, 97.4
3. Vancouver, Canada, 97.3
4. Toronto, Canada, 97.2
=5. Calgary, Canada, 96.6
=5. Adelaide, Australia, 96.6
7. Sydney, Australia, 96.1
8. Helsinki, Finland, 96.0
9. Perth, Australia, 95.9
10. Auckland, New Zealand, 95.7