Ski resorts "rebrending" in Andorra

April 19, 2011

Ski resorts "rebrending" in Andorra

Owners of ski resorts in Andorra are banking on attracting wealthy clients and their accommodation in five star hotels. However, experts of winter holidays market note that Andorra can hardly pretend to a title of "second Courchevel."

Apparently, the government is getting read of image of Andorra’s resort as "student resort" with inexpensive alcohol, lots of discos and middle class hotels. So, a few years ago the country was an absolute world leader in the number European students having vacations in the mountains. But now, fighting for a place in the sun among recognized leaders of ski tourism as France, Switzerland and Italy, the owners of ski resorts in Andorra are investing heavily in the infrastructure of their slopes, and are going to close almost all middle class restaurants and hotels.

In connection with "rebranding" of its resorts Andorra lost about 7-8% of its customers from Western Europe. But, in winter 2011, Andorra has shown good results, sales grew by 20%, says expert of "Time-Tour" company Nelly Ogurtsova. " We can’t say that there was influx of tourists this season as Andorra still has very few highest category hotels"- explained Ogurtsova.