Apartment in Andorra la Vella

107.00 sq.m., 2 bedrooms

€ 399,000


Residential complex in the capital of Andorra. Start of sales Location The residential complex is located within walking distance from the dynamically developing business center of the capital, where the city hall, the Parliament building, various ministries, the Justice building, offices of respectable companies, as well as the old historical center are located.There is a central bus station not far from the site. 100 m from the sitethere is a French Lyceum, which for many is preferredfor teaching children. Also, a walking path along the river passes by the site.According to the city development plan, the nearby stadium is subjectto reconstruction and will be turned into a modern sports and concert complex,and the territory adjacent to the house - into a city recreation area.Reasons for the attractiveness of the projectA unique real estate market in Andorra:- A country with a growing population and a developing economy;- Huge unsatisfied demand in residential areas, both among localresidents and constantly arriving emigrants;- High demand, including for new and high-quality housing;- The demand for rental housing is many times higher than the supply;- Lack of significant competition. Конкурентные преимущества Проекта: - уникальное расположение в центре столицы рядом с Французским лицеем; - солнечный свет, поступающий в квартиры; - подземный паркинг: наличие парковочных мест для двух автомобилей на квартиру; - удобные планировочные решения, наличие больших террас и балконов; - панорамные окна; - вентилируемые фасады; - повышенная шумоизоляция; - изысканный дизайн квартир и мест общего пользования; - места для установки кондиционеров; - подогрев воды в полу; - комната для мытья собак; - помещение для хранения колясок, велосипедов и скутеров; - складские помещения в подвале жилого комплекса Рассрочка оплаты вида на жительство Стоимость квартир составляет от 323 000 до 855 000 Площадь от 75.0 до 247.0 m2

Property Details

Location: in the mountains, within the city, at the ski resort
Construction phase: New building
Number of bedrooms: 2
Number of bathrooms: 2
Data of Construction: 2024
Total number of rooms: 3

Location Andorra la Vella

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