Another one real estate sale in Spain: discounts up to 40%

July 26, 2016

Another one real estate sale in Spain: discounts up to 40%

Bankia again arranged the sale of commercial and residential real estate. Thousands of apartments, houses and comercial real estate will be sold with a discount up to 40%. "Crazy days" has already started and will continue until the end of September.

A large part of the lots are located in Catalonia and Valencia (1400 and 2300, respectively). In addition, there are properties in Madrid, the Canary Islands, Castile, Murcia, Andalusia, Leone. All buyers of bank real estate will receive valuable gifts.

Bankia is a union of several regional banks. Such events banking group organizes every six months.

About 20% of unclaimed homes in Spain are built in the province of Valencia. Mostly vacant property is the property of those or other banks. According to experts, the number of unsold objects of Valencia to the end of the year should be reduced to 16%.

Some development companies had previously made a proposal to destroy part of such houses in order to hasten the time of full recovery of the market.

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