Old Town Estate

European Investment Agency OLD TOWN ESTATE works in the sphere of investments in real estate, which provides its services to clients in the Russian market.

Company profile is a comprehensive and professional services related to real estate investment property in the territory of Latvia, as well as assistance and legal support for the customer who wants to get a residence permit in a European country.

Objective of the company «OLD TOWN ESTATE» is a highly qualified and high-quality services in order to obtain the greatest possible benefit to the customer on investments in real estate, as well as saving him time and money.

Scope of the company «OLD TOWN ESTATE» covers the following areas:

• Assistance in buying, selling and leasing of immovable property on the territory of the Republic of Latvia
• Assistance in the acquisition of immovable property in other European countries (England, Spain, Italy (Rome and Sardinia), Bulgaria, Montenegro and the U.S.
• Full legal support ongoing real estate transactions
• Assistance in preparing and obtaining a residence permit in Latvia
• Provision of trustee services to real property of the client - "concierge service"
• Advance search and reservation leased real estate
• Organization of excursions and field conferences in Latvia

The advantage of working with the company «OLD TOWN ESTATE» is expressed by:

• In the long-term experience in the field of investment in real estate
• company has the widest selection of database properties
• available from the company highly skilled employees and agents do their job well and taking care of client satisfaction
• the ability to engage independent experts to address issues related to the analysis carried out by the transaction and purchased property
• a willingness to take the comprehensive representation of clients both during the transaction with real estate and after its acquisition, thereby freeing the client from having to search for various independent experts.

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