Castle in city Passignano sul Trasimeno
3000.00 sq.m.

€ 4 000 000
Castle, a total area of ​​3,000 sqm, on an island on Lake Trasimeno (Umbria).The complex consists of several buildings: the castle, the old mill, a few houses, a church and bell tower of the total, 3,000 sq.m. The history of this historic site is rich in events. In 1328 the mayor of the city was built the church of St. Francis, around which the monastery grew up later. The complex today is the result of reconstruction of the 1885-1891 period, the Marquis Gulelmi carried out, which resulted in the castle area has tripled, and the building itself has acquired a completely new look.As a result of the radical transformation of the castle, given that its size increased by more than twice, it took eclectic look, reflecting the tastes of the time: the elegant frescoes, a large space for the collection of antiquities, chinoiserie, Etruscan collections, coins, weapons and armor. The castle is listed as a building of significant historical and artistic interest, and is protected by the security committee. The architectural structure is a vysokostennoe building with towers on a square base with narrow loopholes, windows with pointed arches, cornices battlements, bastions recess. All these elements, though are not a reflection of the architectural style of the time of construction of the castle, but are like frozen quotes, neat and symmetrical forms, emphasizing the eclectic taste of the time.The main building of the castle consists of two residential floors arranged around three courtyards, two of which are framed by colonnades and one is a large covered terrace, easily transformable into a terrace on the roof. The complex is surrounded by six battle towers with a central bell tower. From the terraces, total area of ​​2600 sqm, offering fantastic views of Lake Trasimeno and its coast.Land of about 4.5 hectares on three sides of the island. There are two berths and two docks and grassy tennis court. The park reflects the eclectic neo-romantic-medieval style: olive trees, bamboo forests, centuries-old oak trees, decorated with cypress alley. By the piers you can go along the paths, running through pine forest and oak groves. The western side is completely covered with dense forest with trails network. The park is a perfect example of an English garden of the XIX century, with chinoiserie, architectural solutions planting trees and exotic plants.There are currently reorienting the project complex in a luxury hotel, but the lock can be successfully used as a private residence.

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