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Working wine farm (farmhouse) with a long history, located at 411 hectares, in the famous Chianti valley, Tuscany.
This farm has an ancient history which can be traced back to the eleventh century, namely on may 10, 1090, about what has remained the document in the historical archive of the city of Siena. Initially, in the middle ages, the farm belonged to the Church, then the estate was sold to the Medici family and became part of a large estate. For centuries the property several times changed its owners. In 1909, she moved as a wedding gift a young noblewoman. The current owners bought it for 32 years ago.

The total area of the farm - 411 hectares, including vineyards. 80 hectares of vineyards; 80 hectares of maize; 230 hectares of woods and meadows. The main Villa has an area of 1500 square meters; 9200 square meters existing buildings; 3,500 square meters of buildings that need repair; 2300 sq.m. can be built additionally.

The farm has a total of 28 residential units, including suites and double rooms, distributed in 5 buildings, all with a beautiful view of the vineyards and olive groves. These historical buildings were renovated, preserving the traditional Tuscan style and offer the comforts of a 4 star hotel. The hotel also has 2 swimming pools (one is in the immediate vicinity of the main Villa with views of the valley and the second, which appeared in the course of reconstruction of residential premises, surrounded by gardens and vineyards, with beautiful views of the Chianti hills), bar, restaurant, children's Playground and a fitness room. Customers have a wide choice of a La carte gourmet dinners held among wine barrels in the cellar (recently renovated) or as a barbecue in the garden the historical manor. The menu consists of fresh DOC and DOP products in this area, every dish is prepared by skillful chefs. All wines are directly offered for sale, and are also used to conduct tasting tours, which take place on the farm and in the wine cellars.

Until the early 90-ies of the XX century, the grapes are sold in bulk to local wineries, which produced the wine is of low quality. In the second half of 90-ies the owners have invested in the renovation of the manor, were acquired 55 hectares of new vineyards used with application of the most modern agricultural technologies, built a new winery, allowing to produce and store up to 3.5 mln. bottles per year (at the moment is 750 000 bottles)were reconstructed buildings with residential premises adjacent to the main building, offering guests a level of service equal to four star hotel, conducted extensive marketing campaign, which helped to create a successful brand for sale bottles of wine Chianti Classic in the package. These investments have already begun to make a profit, it is necessary to consider that wine factory goes at full capacity in 4-5 years after launch, given the cycle of agricultural production of grapes, and after making wine requires 3-4 year old. Over the years, in order to optimize the production company is looking for the best solutions for adaptation and reduce production costs without compromising product quality and reduce markets its distribution. The results were considerable: a young and motivated staff, using all modern winemaking techniques, significantly reduce costs while maintaining high product quality. Currently the main goal of the company is to increase sales and achieve many parts of the world that are not yet covered. Unique natural beauty farm with exceptional quality wines open up good prospects for opening new markets for the wine production. Distribution of wine goes through foreign importers and distributors for foreign restaurants, wine shops and wholesalers.
The farm is located near a river and has beautiful views of the Chianti valley and the magnificent surrounding natural landscapes. Known for its production of wines of Chianti valley is located within six cities: Prato, Pisa, Pistoia, Siena, Arezzo, Florence. Depending on the territory, where the company is the production of wines of Chianti differ significantly from each other and have its own unique character. Here you can not only relax but also get a lot of new impressions, immersed in the atmosphere. The area of Chianti in Italy covers more than 90 000 ha, and along with the Central region includes 7 small areas.
The farm is popular among foreigners. Clients high level. In the summer of 2012 was ordered conducting 31 wedding on a farm. There is a possibility of creation of Golf courses.

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