Restaurant / Cafe in city San Remo
120.00 sq.m.

€ 800 000
Restaurant, 120 sq.m. in the centre of San Remo.
Restaurant: hall, large bathroom - passes wheelchair, professional kitchen in compliance with all norms, 2 small store-rooms, changing room and bathroom for staff. In the restaurant with 50 seats, on the street under a canopy there are 12 seats. The air-conditioned. Good ventilation. Apartment above the restaurant does not suffer from odors. The restaurant is in good condition. Possible light cosmetic repairs.
Above the restaurant, the owner sells two apartments. One bedroom, an area of about 40 sq.m. The second three-room (75 sq. m) with a small patio. Both apartments are fully renovated, with replaced piping and wiring. With new parquet floors, stuck-glazed Windows. Door-armored. The air-conditioned. The apartments are fully furnished. One bedroom apartment is 240 000 EUR with the possibility of bargaining. Three-room apartment costs 390 000 euros with the possibility of bargaining.
The restaurant is located 3 minutes walk from the Casino and the pedestrian shopping streets of San Remo. In front of the restaurant, the largest Park in the city.
The restaurant was closed in July 2014. It was carried out the family management, but the owner ill wife, and therefore he decided to sell the business. The cost of a license is only 100 000 Euro. You can purchase it and the room itself over 800 000 euros, with the possibility of bargaining. The presence of business in Italy facilitates the obtaining of a residence permit in this country.

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